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Hot News

In these pages, site we’ll post the latest developments affecting any and all events and activities sponsored or sanctioned by the BRSC. These include those under the direct control or supervision by the BRSC, plus those under the auspices or control of individual member clubs. As such, all member clubs are invited to submit items to be posted on this site, including but not limited to:

  • Recent changes to an event or trip’s status, schedule or other particulars
  • Recently initiated activities or events with short deadlines
  • Promotional material, flyers and other supporting information
  • A club’s news or events of particular interest to other clubs and their members.

These “Hot News” items will be posted on these pages as brief statements with appropriate links to the originating club’s own website for the expanded version, and remain posted for a limited time, in keeping with the spirit of “hot news”.

BRSC 2017 Sponsored Trips:

Western Carnival (flyer): Breckenridge, Colorado. Trip Coordinator: Marshall Walsh, Richmond

Eurofest (flyer): to Grindewald has been Cancelled

Winterfest (flyer): Sugarloaf, Maine. Trip Coordinator: Dave Karczmzrek, Baltimore

Latest Promotions:

Go to our “Tips & Links” Page for our latest promotions from various organizations and vendors benefitting our club members. Our most recent is the Ship-Skis service that will ship skis, snowboards & luggage anywhere in advance at very reasonable discounts.

2017 Spring Meeting

Maggiano’s Tysons Corner, VA * Gabbiano & Calabrese Rooms
Saturday May 6, 2017 * 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Host: NGA Ski Club
$50 pp (Approx.). Includes light breakfast, snacks and lunch

We need an accurate head count by April 5 in order to firm up our rooms and amount of food. Please RSVP to:

April Pawlowski


2016 Fall Meeting

Snowshoe Ski Resort in WV
Saturday September 24th & Sunday September 25th

Agroup of over 30 club delegates attended this 2-day meeting at Snowshoe Ski Resort, WVA. Saturday’s activities were mostly informal including a brain storming session to discuss several issues facing the clubs. The formal business meeting was held on Sunday when various proposals and deciswions before the Council were considered and acted upon. The Draft Minutes linked below contain more details on these decisions.

Meeting Agenda

Draft Minutes


2016 Spring Meeting

The BRSC 2016 Spring Meeting was held on Saturday, April 30th at Maggiano’s Tyson. Columbia Ski Club  hosted. 16 clubs were represented with 46 delegates, plus various vendors and tour operators.

Principal Decisions made:

  • Bill Schrodel was re-elected president through 2018
  • The 2017 Eurofest trip to Grindewald was cancelled due to low projected participation
  • Sugarloaf, Maine was selected as the 2017 location for the BRSC Winterfest
  • Stowe, Vermont was selected as the Winterfest site for 2018
  • Nobel McClellan was selected as Trip Coordinator for the 2018 Western Carnival at Whistler
  • Mike DiProspero will serve as Trip Coordinator for the 2018 Eurofest at Trois Valleys, France
  • Western Carnival TOs to bid: Sports Tours; GTU; Sports America; Winter Ski & Sports
  • Eurofest TOs to bid: GTU; Holidaze; Alpine Adventures; Encompass
  • Fall 2016 Meeting to be hosted by Richmond with Snowshoe, WV as candidate location

For more details, please view the Minutes through this link



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