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Ski Club Registration form

Dues for coming year
(runs May-April)
 ($0.15 per member, but not less than $5.00 nor more than $35.00.

 $5.00 penalty if registered after 15th of October, due to membership lapse.

Please send to:
Steve Peirce
BRSC Treasurer
19701 Golden Valley Lane
Brookeville MD 20833

This registration is for the season:

Please provide the following Club information

Once Completed, Save and Mail this Form with Dues to our Treasurer.

Additionally, e-mail copy of Form to the Secretary – BRSC


Your Name as Requester:

Your Position:

Your e-mail:


Club’s Name:

Club’s Official Address:

Is club incorporated? If Yes, which State?

Club’s Website URL:


Club’s President’s Name:


Mail Address:


Registered Delegate #1 Name:



Registered Delegate #2 Name:



The following documents may be requested. These are necessary to confirm your status as a not-for-profit organization with primary emphasis as a Ski Club.

For profit enterprises are NOT eligible for membership.


Documents that may be requested:  a) Articles of Incorporation or similar Proof of a Non-Profit organization.

                                                          b) Club’s By-laws

                                                          c) Club’s Officers


All candidates for BRSC membership will be properly vetted by the BRSC Executive council, which may grant interim membership pending full approval by the BRSC Member Clubs at its next regularly scheduled BRSC meeting.



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