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Minutes of Fall BRSC 2004 Meeting


Minutes of Fall 2004 meeting

Magianno’s, Tyson’s Corner, VA

Sunday, October 3, 2004


BRSC:  Wayne H., President; Rae E., Vice President; Steve P., Treasurer; Nancy C., Secretary;  Pentagon Ski Club:  Dave O., Peter P., Ric N., John P.; Columbia Ski Club: Kitty I., Tom D., Ron F., Steve P., Bob C., Bill S., Richard V., Ted D.; Fredericksburg Ski Club:  Mike R., Connie W.;  Crabtowne Skiers:  Nancy W., Fagowees Ski Club: Pam C., Dutch M., Stacy H., Sam M.; Baltimore Ski Club: Christopher P., Charlie S.; Ski Club of Washington DC: Donna B., Sue M., Terrence B., Judy B.; Potomac Valley Skiers:  Charles H., Glade F.; Capital Golden Skiers:  Inge L.; Richmond Ski Club:  Karen L., Tom L.; Southern MD Ski Club: Nancy S.; Valley Ski Club: J.C. R.; Sun/Snow/Surf Ski Club:  Russ T.

Prior to the call to order, Peter, PSC, and Wayne, BRSC President, talked about the recent Mid Atlantic Ski Show.  Peter stated that Paul Webber is soliciting more attendance from the clubs for the next show to be held on Saturday, April 30, 2005.  Wayne said that he had been approached by a number of ski area representatives and tour operators who expressed an interest in BRSC doing a show.  Wayne said that he would like to see how Paul’s show continues to meet BRSC needs and in the future BRSC might consider creating and running its own show.  Wayne said that the fall would be the preferred timing for a show.  Fred Zedeck suggested that BRSC might be able to hold a council event in conjunction with the National Ski & Snowboard Expo.

President Wayne called the meeting to order at 8:10 a.m. and welcomed everyone.  Wayne gave a power point presentation on his thoughts on who BRSC is and why it meets.

The BRSC executive committee members and club delegates introduced themselves.

Executive Committee Reports


One correction to the minutes was noted under old business, change “Western Carnival trip to
Steamboat” to read “Western Carnival trip to Snowmass.”  Pam, Fagowees, moved and Judy, SCWDC, seconded the motion that the spring 2004 minutes be approved as corrected.  All were in favor.  The motion was approved.


Treasurer’s report


Treasurer Steve reported a checkbook account balance of $10532.80 and a savings account balance of  $2630.70. Kitty, CSC, suggested that the income and expenses be reported for each trip separately instead of the trips being combined.  Steve said he’d rework the figures and Wayne said he would e-mail them to everyone. Bill, CSC, moved and Ric, PSC, seconded approval of the treasurer’s report.  All were in favor.  The motion was approved.


Committee Reports 

Ski shows 

Fred Zedeck reported on the National Ski and Snowboard Expo to be held at the Expo Center in Chantilly on November 12-14.   Price of admission will include 1-year subscription to Ski, Skiing and Snowboarding Magazine and admission to the new Warren Miller movie.   There will be a mega swap and an indoor snowshoe track.  Grand prize this year will be a trip for two to Vail.  Website is  

Trip Sanctions

Wayne explained that the BRSC web site provider changed its format for security reasons which resulted in many trip sanctions not being posted on the web site.  The problem was also responsible for registrations for the meeting not being received. Wayne asked the clubs to follow up with him by e-mail for those sanctions that were not posted.  Wayne read the list of trip sanctions and explained the sanctioning process.


 No report was available from PSIA or ASIA.

 Ski Patrol

 No report from Ski Patrol.

 Ski Safety Award

Charlie Saunders, BSC, read the nomination of Baltimore Ski Club (BSC) for the Safety in and Promotion of Winter Sports Award.  A copy is filed with these minutes.  Wayne asked if there were any more nominations.  There no other nominations.  Wayne moved that the council vote by acclimation to approve BSC for the award.  Dave. PSC, seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  The motion passed.

Peter Porton, PSC, proposed that the BRSC award a lifetime recognition award to Bill Levin for his contributions to the BRSC and skiing community and that it be presented to Candy Levin at a future meeting.  Peter moved that he be authorized to create an appropriate plaque.  Bill, CSC, seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


Dave Olsen, PSC and 2004 Western Carnival race coordinator, had a handout available on the 2005 Western Carnival at Breckenridge.   Wayne said he had received complaints from at least two clubs that for the past 3-4 years they were the last clubs to race.  Wayne said that the current procedure is a three (two?) way blind draw and he asked the council at the breakout sessions to discuss alternate ways to choose club racing orders.  Dave explained that in order to be included in the random draw for order of racing, clubs must submit their racing roster by the deadline established.  If a club does not submitted their list in time for the draw they will race after those clubs that complied with the deadline.  Wayne said that he would send an e-mail to the clubs a week prior to the deadline and let them know which clubs have submitted their racing roster.

 National Ski Council Federation 

Wayne explained that BRSC became a founding member of the National Ski Council Federation about 5 years ago. There are currently 24 councils in the federation representing about 330,000 skiers.  The annual meeting was held in September in Engelberg Switzerland.  Because none of the BRSC executive council members were able to attend, Peter, PSC and past BRSC president, attended the meeting.  A report was made available to the council.  Wayne read the list of current member benefits that are available to the clubs.  Member benefits can be found at  A username and password are required to enter the Members area.  They can be found on our special BRSC page.

Old Business

Wayne presented an idea on the way the council selects tour operators.  He suggested that the initial selection of   tour operators to send bid letters to should remain the same but that the tour operators should also be given the opportunity to make a presentation to the council prior to a final selection.  Wayne asked the council to consider his proposal.  Wayne and Peter, PSC, suggested that the presentations would take too much time for a regular council meeting and perhaps would have to be done in a 2-day meeting format.  Wayne suggested that the second day could also be devoted to meeting with representatives of the ski industry


Christopher, BSC and 2005 Western Carnival coordinator, and Dan Ellis, RMT, provided the council a report on the upcoming trip to Breckenridge, CO, February 5-12.  They said the trip was doing well.  A handout with a summary of the major events was made available to the council. Dan said that there would be dinner and party packages available for local club members.   Ric, PSC, explained that the 2005 Eurofest trip to Meribel was cancelled because the price was too high. At the spring meeting Wayne appointed Ric to chair a Eurofest site recommendation committee to consider destinations for upcoming Eurofest trips.  The committee met and a report was made available to the council.  The committee looked at the two destinations that the council had selected for consideration for the 2007 Eurofest, Davos and Schladming.  The committee unanimously chose Schladming as the destination to recommend to the council for selection.  Their reasoning was that Schladming would be a better price, it has a large hotel that can accommodate the entire council trip, it’s a huge ski area, and it is easily accessible by train for those who wish to tour.  The committee’s second task was to identify destinations for ‘08 and beyond.  The identified destinations in preliminary rank order were Flims/Laax, CH; Serre Chevalier, FR; Chamonix, FR; Villars, CH, Davos/Klosters, CH, Morzine/Les Portes du Soleil, FR; Orztal (Solden/Hochsolden and Obergurgl), AU; Bormio, IT; Vald’Isere/Tignes, FR; La Plagne/Les Arcs, FR; Crans-Montana, CH; Ischgl, AU; St. Moritz, CH; and Bad Gastein, AU.  A final rank order will be provided in the committee’s final report.   The council discussed the two destination options for 2007.


The council broke for lunch at 12:00 p.m. and reconvened at 1:30 p.m.

 Old business continued

 Ric, PSC, moved that the council select Schladming as the Eurofest destination for 2007.  Stacy, Fagowees, seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  The motion was passed.   Wayne polled the council for dates, either the last week in February or the first week in March.  The council selected the first week in March.  The dates are March 3-10, 2007.  Wayne solicited resumes for the Eurofest and Winterfest 2007 coordinator positions and asked that they be sent to him by April 1.

 SCWDC volunteered to host the spring 2005 meeting.  Ric, PSC, recommended that the meeting be held in conjunction with Paul Webber’s show.  The council approved the date of the spring meeting as Sunday, May 1, following the Saturday, April 30th ski show.

 New Business 

Donna, SCWDC and Western Carnival Coordinator for 2006, said she had received bids from two vendors.  Donna passed out the bids and her comparisons and explained the differences.  Donna moved that the council accept the proposal from RMT for Sun Valley for the 2006 Winter Carnival.  Stacy, Fagowees, seconded the motion.  Discussion followed.  The initial vote was to award the trip to RMT; there were not enough votes to pass.  Then the President asked whether members wanted to further discuss the vote.   After some of the clubs caucused, another vote was taken. The vote was unanimous to award the trip to RMT.  The vote was called; all were in favor of RMT.  The motion passed.  Bill, CSC, moved that RMT’s second week proposal be accepted.  Stacy seconded the motion.  All were in favor. The motion passed.  The February dates are 11-18, 2006. 

Peter, PSC and Eurofest Coordinator for 2006 said he had received two bids.  Peter passed out the bid proposals and explained the differences.  Bill, CSC, moved that the council accept the GTU bid for Selva, Italy.  Ric, PSC, seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  The dates are March 3-11, 2006. 

Trips committee

Wayne explained that a trips committee was formed at the last meeting to lay out the bid procedure.  Bill, CSC, committee chair, said the committee had not been able to meet.  He said he would have a report for the spring meeting.  Wayne said once the committee completes the bid proposal procedure, the committee should address the duties of the trip coordinator, how coordinators should be selected, what should coordinator qualifications be, and how to train coordinators to do the job.  Wayne asked the council for input on coordinator responsibilities.  The following was offered from the council. 

  • Maintain contact with the clubs and tour operator. 
  • Distribute information on a timely basis. 
  • Have a good working knowledge of the area. 
  • If possible, visit the area before the trip. 
  • Provide information for the web site to include contact information. 
  • Mail/Email ski shops, manufacturers, ski areas for prize awards and/or sponsorship. 
  • Solicit volunteers to help with events.
  • Coordinate the wait/openings list. 
  • Help the race coordinator as needed such as informing the clubs of race times. 
  • Reconfirm all details prior to the trip. 
  • Bring all contracts on the trip. 
  • If possible, arrive at the area one day early. 
  • Make yourself available to the President, Trip Leaders and the Trip Tour Operator during the entire ski week. 
  • For the three BRSC events, get there early; make sure all is as requested in the contract. 
  • Work with the BRSC President to arrange seating for the clubs for each event. 
  • Have a contact list for who fixes what. 
  • Trip coordinator is not responsible for injuries (unless they are the cause). 
  • Make welcoming speech at events and introduce the BRSC President. 
  • Have a contact/condo number for each trip leader. 
  • Obtain the name of a backup person for each club in case of trip leader incapacity. 
  • Create a list of emergency numbers (hotel font desk, police, ski patrol, ambulance, hospital, coroner and nearest pharmacy) to be distributed to the participants. 
  • Check to see what office supplies and copy facilities are available either in the hotel/condos or in close proximity. 
  • Bring office supplies that might be needed and not available locally. 
  • Bring a roll of tickets for prizes.   
  • Be prepared to step in to foot a bill in emergencies if a BRSC officer isn’t available (Use your discretion but make sure to keep receipts and contacts). 
  • The trip coordinator’s client is the individual club leaders but the Trip Coordinator is Responsible to the BRSC Board of Directors and answers solely to the BRSC President. 
  • The individual club trip contract information is confidential and is not to be shared between clubs. 
  • The coordinator is responsible to attend four BRSC meetings (3 meetings prior to departure and the meeting following return
  • Order of Authorities at a BRSC event:
    • President of BRSC at all times
    • Vice President of BRSC if in attendance
    • Treasurer of BRSC if in attendance
    • Secretary of BRSC if in attendance
    • Trips Coordinator of the BRSC event
    • A collaboration of BRSC officers not in attendance
    • Prior years BRSC officers in attendance
    • A collaboration of current BRSC Ski Club Presidents in attendance
    • Trip Leader(s) with the largest group in attendance (if more than 1 than a collaboration)
    • A collaboration of ALL BRSC club presidents if more than ½ can be located to collaborate.
    • A collaboration of all remaining participants of the BRSC event.


The proceeding was a submission from the BRSC president Wayne Homens.


With no nominations from the floor, Wayne appointed Dave, PSC, as race coordinator for 2006 Winter Carnival.


Elections:  The positions of vice president, treasurer and secretary are up for reelection at the spring meeting.  The incumbents indicated that they would run.  Judy, SCWDC, volunteered to chair the election committee.  Wayne will set up an election web address for anyone wishing to submit a nomination. The website address will be


Stacy, Fagowees, moved, and Peter, PSC, seconded the motion that the meeting be adjourned.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy E. Cruise


Blue Ridge Ski Council