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Minutes of Fall BRSC 2005 Meeting


Minutes of Fall 2005 Meeting

Holiday Inn Select, Fredericksburg, VA

Saturday, September 24, 2005


BRSC: Wayne Homens, President; Peter Porton, Vice President & PSC; Steve Peirce, Treasurer & PSC; Nancy Cruise, Secretary & Fagowees; Pentagon Ski Club (PSC): John P; Columbia Ski Club (CSC): Kitty I., Tom D., Theodore D., Ron F.; Fredericksburg Ski Club (FSC): Rae I., Bob S., Lois R.; Ski Club of Washington DC (SCWDC): Toni C., Terry B., Judy B.; Baltimore Ski Club (BSC): Charles S., C. Edward C.; Southern Maryland Ski Club (SMSC): Nikki H., Nancy S.; Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC): Steve B.; Golden Skiers: Inge L.; Potomac Valley Skier (PVS): Bob M.

President Wayne Homens called the meeting to order at 8:40 a.m. and welcomed everyone. The BRSC Executive Committee members and club delegates introduced themselves. Wayne informed the Council that Ric Nauen had passed away.

Date and Host of Spring Meeting

Columbia Ski Club volunteered to host the spring meeting. Proposed date: weekend of May 20-21. Peter, VP, said he would check with Paul Webber to make sure the meeting does not conflict with Paul’s event. Wayne recommended that the meeting be a 2-day format with meeting with vendors on Saturday and the general membership meeting on Sunday. Fred Zedeck, producer of the National Ski & Snowboard Expo, suggested that the Council consider holding the fall 06 meeting in conjunction with the Expo in Chantilly, which is generally held the second weekend in November. Wayne suggested that at some point in time the Council might consider having two separate meetings, one for BRSC trips and the other a short business meeting followed by breakout sessions for discussion of ski club issues such as insurance, taxes, incorporation, etc.

Executive Committee Reports


Kitty I., CSC, asked why vendor names were removed from the spring minutes. Wayne said that because the minutes are posted on the web site, he removed the names in order to protect the vendors’ privacy. Wayne asked the Council for suggestions on how to disseminate information but protect privacy information. Ted D., CSC, moved and Judy B., SCWDC, seconded the motion that the minutes be approved. All in favor, the motion was approved.

Wayne asked for a volunteer to help with the web site. Steve B., PATC, volunteered.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Steve Peirce reported a checkbook account balance of $9434.37 and a savings account balance of $2641.24. Steve noted that there was a loss of approximately $1,100 due to losses with the Western Carnival and the spring meeting. C. Edward moved that the money in the savings account and half the money in the checking account be moved to two CDs-half of the money in a 6-month CD and half in a 12-month CD, at the discretion of the Treasurer. Bob M., PVS, seconded the motion. All were in favor. The motion was approved. Discussion on dues followed. Current dues are $5-35.00 depending on the size of the club. Treasurer Steve said he would send out dues renewal reminders in the spring. Steve B., PATC, moved that the annual dues for all clubs be $30.00. There was a motion to table the motion until the secretary could research whether the motion affected the by laws. All were in favor, the motion was tabled. It was determined from reading the by laws that the Council had the power to establish the dues amount. The motion remained tabled. Inge L., PVS, moved and Kitty I., CSC, seconded the approval of the Treasurer’s report. All were in favor, the motion was approved.

Standing Committee Reports

Ski shows

Fred Zedeck reported that a market night will be held in conjunction with the National Ski & Snowboard Expo. The market night will be on Thursday, November 10 in the Expo Center in Chantilly. He asked clubs to pre-register by e-mail. The expo dates are November 11-13.

Trip Sanctions

Wayne said that he has approximately 30 trip sanctions.

Old Business

2006 Western Carnival Trip, Sun Valley, Idaho, January 21-28, 2006

On behalf of the trip coordinator, Donna Brothers, Dan Ellis of Winter Ski and Sports reported that 11 clubs are participating with over 300 participants. Dan gave the Council an update on the trip and planned activities.

Wayne said he received two nominations to fill the vacant 2007 Eurofest Coordinator position.

2006 Eurofest, Val D’Gardena, Italy, March 3-11, 2006

Judy Miller of Group Trips Unlimited reported that 7 clubs are participating with approximately 273 participants. Judy gave the Council an update on the trip and planned activities.

New Business

Each of the three tour operators who submitted bids for the 2007 Western Carnival to Big Sky gave a 7 minute presentation followed by a short question and answer period.

The Council broke for lunch at 11:30 a.m. and reconvened at 12:30 p.m.

Peter Porton, on behalf of Dave Olsen, updated the Council on the status of the Sun Valley Western Carnival race.

2007 Western Carnival, Big Sky, Montana, February 3-10, 2007

Kitty Imdahl, Coordinator, presented the bid proposals for Big Sky. The Council compared the proposals and discussed the pros and cons of each proposal. By ballot, the Council selected GTU as the vendor for Big Sky. Kitty said that the GTU proposal has two options for drinks at the dinner/dance. The options are unlimited beer and soda or two drink tickets per person. Judy B, BSC, moved and Terry B., SCWDC, seconded the motion that the Council select the unlimited beer and soda option. By majority vote, the motion was approved.

Wayne and Peter introduced a concept for a BRSC 2007 summer holiday to Europe. Proposed location is northern France and would cost approximately $1100.00. The Council discussed the concept. One suggestion from the floor was that one of the clubs run the trip and have it sanctioned through BRSC. Judy B., SCWDC, moved and Toni C., SCWDC, seconded the motion that BRSC begin the process to select a coordinator at the spring 06 meeting for a proposed summer 07 BRSC trip. One opposed, majority in favor. Motion approved. Wayne said that at the spring meeting the Council should select the coordinator and decide on a location and when the trip should take place.

Election Committee for May Election of BRSC President for 2006-2008

Peter Porton volunteered to chair the election committee.

2007 Eurofest, Schladming, Austria, March 3-10, 2007

Peter reported that Ric Nauen did not send out the bid letters to the previously selected vendors. Peter said he had received an unsolicited bid from one of the selected vendors. He asked whether the Council should accept the unsolicited bid or send out bid letters. C. Edward C., BSC, moved that bid request letters be sent to the previously selected vendors with an appropriate response deadline. Steve B., PATC, seconded the motion. One opposed, majority in favor. The motion was approved. The Council agreed that the timeline would be that the bid request letters be sent out within a week with a response back from the vendors by October 21. The coordinator then will poll the clubs with a response due back from the clubs by October 28. Delegates present spoke on behalf of each candidate for the position of 2007 Eurofest Coordinator. The Council voted by ballot and selected Cathy Homens as the 2007 Eurofest Coordinator.


2008 Western Carnival, February 2-9, 2008

C. Edward proposed that the Council select the coordinator for the 2008 Western Carnival and three vendors to send the bid request letters to. He recommended that both previously selected areas (Vail and Steamboat) be included in the bid request letters. He said that the coordinator should have a response back from the vendors by the spring 06 meeting for consideration by the Council with a final decision at the fall 06 meeting. C. Edward suggested that when presenting a comparison of the bids, the coordinator should also recommend which vendor the Council should select. C. Edward moved that BRSC solicit and receive bids on two areas for the Western Carnival for 2008. Ted D., CSC, seconded the motion. Discussion followed on the proposed timelines and the motion. C. Edward called for the question. Eight for, eleven against. The motion was defeated. Wayne said he received one resume for the coordinator position. He said he would give the group two weeks to solicit their members for volunteers. He will then contact the clubs by e-mail for a final decision. Wayne polled the Council for location of the 2008 Western Carnival. Four votes for Vail, majority for Steamboat. Steamboat is the location of the 2008 Western Carnival. The tour operators selected by the Council to send bid request letters to are GTU, Sport Tours and Winter Ski & Sports.

Ron F., FSC, presented the Eurofest Committee’s location recommendations for the years 2008 and 2009. Of the five areas presented, the Council selected Morzine/Les Portes du Soleil, France for 2008 and Serre Chevalier, France for 2009.

The tabled dues motion was brought back to the Council. Steve B., PATC, withdrew his motion.

Wayne reminded the Council about the spring 06 election for BRSC President. Candidate resumes should be submitted prior to the spring meeting to the election committee members, Peter Porton, VP & PSC, and Toni Castagnolo, SCWDC. Resumes will be forwarded to the clubs prior the spring meeting.

Wayne asked for new business from the floor. There was a question from the floor whether BRSC should choose a location for the 2009 Western Carnival. Wayne said that the Council should look at the issue at the spring meeting. Wayne said he’d like to see the trips committee work on locations and present recommendations to the Council. Wayne asked those wishing to serve on the trips committee to contact him and he will try to reestablish the committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy E. Cruise


Blue Ridge Ski Council

Date: April 8, 2006