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Minutes of the Fall Blue Ridge Ski Council 2008 Meeting

Location: Maggiano’s Restaurant, Richmond, VA Saturday, September 27, 2008

Host Club: Richmond Ski Club, Noble McClellan


BRSC: Wayne Homens (CSC), President; Peter Porton (PSC), Vice President; Steve Peirce (PSC), Treasurer; Kitty Imdahl (CSC and SCWDC), Secretary Baltimore Ski Club: Christopher Pukalski, Joe Mihalovich; Capital Golden Skiers: Inge Lesjak; Columbia Ski Club: Gary Prestianni, Tom Donohue, Robert Foard, Wayne Homens, Jerry Poley, Molly Hochman,; Fagowees: Nancy Cruise; Fredericksburg Ski Club: Ray Ehlen, Robert Schwab, Wally Morton; Peninsula Ski Club of VA: Sonny Short; Pentagon Ski Club: Christina Anderson; Potomac Valley Skiers: Mike Strand, David Lerner, and Dick Comerford; Richmond Ski Club: Sonny Clark, Iwin McClellan, Noble McClellan, Pat Crowley; SCWDC: Sue Miller, Beverly Ashcroft, Leo Boelhower, Judy Burlbaugh,; Sun, Snow and Surf Ski ClubMike Asbery Also in attendance: Group Trips Unlimited: Judy Miller; Vail Associates: Jill Canning; Winter Ski and Sport: Dan Ellis; Sportours of NJ: Effie Rubenstein

President Wayne Homens called the meeting to order at 8:30am and welcomed everyone. 

Date and Host of Spring 2009 Meeting

Saturday, May 2, 2009 at the Best Western in Fairfax, VA; Hosted by Potomac Valley Skiers.

Paul Webber Travel and Ski Show

Friday, May 1, 2009; Details at:

Spring 2008 Minutes

A motion to accept the minutes was made and seconded, and passed.

Executive Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Steve Peirce presented the Treasurer’s Report with a balance as of September 26 of $9,066.17 in our checking account and $8,897.02 in CD’s. There was total Income from May 28, 2008 through September 3, 2008 of $1,978.90 and Expenses Paid from April 15, 2008 to August 29, 2008 of $3,595.86.

There are about 17 clubs as members and Steve said all the clubs have paid. Right now the fees are $0.15 per member but not less than $5.00 nor more than $35.00 There are a lot of sanctioning fees coming in which will help boost the Treasury to pay for the website.

Wayne Homens made a recommendation and proposal that some of the extra money in the treasury ($500) be used to subsidize the Treasurer and Secretary to attend Western Carnival unless that individual is a trip leader The recommendation was tabled.

A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report and seconded Motion passed.

Race Report

Peter Porton, Pentagon, handed out Dave Olsen’s Race Report presenting the race rules. He said there were no changes so there was no need for a vote.

Spring 2009 Elections for Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary

Molly Hochman volunteered to work on recruiting candidates.

Standing Committee Reports

Trip Sanctioning

Wayne said that we are getting the highest number of trips sanctioned since BR started which will add to our Treasury. Also, all of the clubs participating in both Blue Ridge trips will be listed along with the other sanctioned trips without having to pay a sanction fee. There was some discussion about summer trips with the vote that large summer trips would also pay the trip sanctioning fee unless it is less than a week long trip.

Web Site

Peter Porton said there are some delays but the redesign of the BRSC website should be completed soon and will be coordinated with Frank and Dave. Clubs will be notified after these changes are made. It needs to be updated to ensure we continue to get high search-engine rankings.

Trips Committee

Kitty presented the Trips Committee Report for 2012, with suggestions for Whistler, Park City, Breckenridge, and Alta/Snowbird. We have been to Breckenridge and are going to Keystone this year. Telluride and Taos were also suggested but there are now major airport problems since the size of the Western Carnival has now grown to over 400. This means we need to consider resorts served by major airports such as Denver, Salt Lake, Reno, and Vancouver in order to have a successful Western Carnival. Suggestions for Eurofest included Chamonix, France, Cortina and Courmayeur, Italy, Three Valleys, France (staying in Brides-les-Baines). It was suggested we be more specific for Eurofest 2011 than Chamonix Region. 

Old Business

2009 Trips

Eurofest: Davos, Switzerland Update 

Kitty said there are five clubs selling spaces with a few more considering joining the trip There are 74 spaces sold as of September 25, 2008 There is a problem because of the economy but things are moving along just fine. 

Western Carnival: Keystone Update 

Christopher said there are ten clubs participating in Keystone There are over 300 spaces sold as of the end of September It is important to note that the trip does not take place during Superbowl Sunday. 

2010 Trips

Eurofest: Bormio

Peter Porton, Pentagon Ski Club, presented the matrix on the bid comparisons of GTU and Ski Europe There was a lot of discussion and it was determined that Ski Europe did not include the cost of the parties three parties, did not include the airport taxes and fees, and left out several other items making that bid much higher Group Trips Unlimited was voted on as the Tour Operator for Bormio 2010. 

Western Carnival: Lake Tahoe

During the course of the investigation of the contract, it was brought to our attention that there is a possibility that the  Horizon Casino Hotel may close in 2010-11 and is being investigated for problems with asbestos, mold, filth and decay. 

Vendor Reports

Each of the vendors gave a 10 to 15 minute report on their proposal. 

Western Carnival question/answer session and vote 

Pat Crowley answered questions and led the discussion on the three contracts. It was determined that Blue Ridge would not want any participants staying in that hotel and we certainly would not want any parties and food served there. After much discussion, it was determined that GTU would get the contract as all three vendors had the opportunity to learn of the health hazards associated with the Horizon. 

New Business

SCWDC Ski School Presentation

Club members of other clubs can participate by contacting or calling 301-529-5484.

Non-Ski Trip New Business

Judy Burlbaugh proposed there be no BR sanction fee for summer non-ski trips. There was a lot of discussion and voted that there could be a sanction fee charged. 

Discussion and vote on 2011 Trips

Western Carnival:  Molly offered a motion that we use Park City as a fall-back position if there are problems with Snowbird. Pat C seconded. The vote went to Snowbird with Park City as a replacement if there is a problem with the Snowbird dates. It was mentioned that Snowbasin and Powder Mountain might be considered for a future trip.

Eurofest:  There was discussion on Andorra and Chamonix. Courmayeur was also discussed in light of the difficult economic times experienced now. The vote was taken to go to Courmayeur.


The meeting adjourned at 4:00pm.

Noble McClellan invited all the attendees to her house for an Après Meeting Party.

Respectfully Submitted:

Kitty Imdahl

Blue Ridge Ski Council
January 12, 2009