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Minutes of the Fall 2010 Blue Ridge Ski Council Meeting

Location:  Maggiano's, McLean, VA. October 17, 2010

Host Club:  Capital Golden Skiers, CGS

Attendees: List

Call to Order

Peter Porton (VP) called the meeting to order at 8:30 am as required by BRSC by-laws because President Pat Crowley had stated she would be absent due to illness.


38 representatives from 14 member clubs introduced themselves plus the following tour operators: Dan Ellis, Winter Ski and Sport; Judy Miller, Group Trips Unlimited; Effie Rubinstein, Sportours of New Jersey, and Dorothea Rasser, Ski Europe, [Andre Gupta, Ski Alpine Experience had to cancel].

Spring 2010 Minutes  

A motion to approve the Spring BRSC meeting minutes was made by Frank Peñaranda (PSAC) and passed unanimously.


Date & Host for Spring 2011 BRSC Meeting


The BRSC Spring meeting will be hosted by the Columbia Ski Club.  Location and date to be determined (see end of Minutes for date amendment).

Executive Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Peirce presented the balance sheet of income and expenses.  The current total BRSC checking plus savings amount balance is ~$17,000.  Ted Dietz, Columbia Ski Club, questioned the loss on the Bormio, Italy trip, which incurred due to additional transportation costs. The Treasurer's Report is available on this link.


Membership Dues: A reminder that Club Dues are 15 cents per member; $5 minimum/$35 maximum per club, payable at the Spring meeting each year or NLT the Fall meeting.


Race Report:  Dave Olsen, BRSC Race Coordinator, presented Race Rules and Registration Procedures (available on this link) for the February 2011 Western Carnival at Park City, Utah.  There is no change to the rules.  The welcome party has been scheduled for Monday, and the race will be on Wednesday instead of Tuesday this time.  Dave will request racer’s information from each club by January 21st and will distribute bibs at the welcome party. 


Standing Committee Reports


Website:  Dave Olsen  gave an update on the BRSC website project.  Laura Harley agreed to do the redesign based on the guidance she received so far from Pat, Dave, and Frank.  She hopes to show her draft later this month.  The project is planned to be completed next year.  (This project was approved and funded two years ago.)

Frank Peñaranda  gave his Webmasters Report reporting that 18 clubs have sanctioned their club trips for a total of 57 trips so far.  The two BRSC Trips – Western Carnival and Eurofest are automatically added to the site and club contacts are listed for no additional charge. 


Trip Sanctioning:  Peter Porton announced that the Executive Committee has delegated the task of receiving and approving all trip sanctioning requests to Frank Penaranda as the BRSC Webmaster. Frank will review, approve and post all sanctioned trips after receiving the required fees. This approach should expedite the sanctioning process. Frank announced that the Sanctioning Procedures will be updated in the website. 


Frank emphasized again that trip sanctioning is a win-win opportunity for the BRSC and individual clubs:  a wide variety of winter trips and more and more summer trips are offered on the BRSC website. For only $10 per sanctioned trip, clubs increase their chance to fill their trips.  SCWDC announced that their Performance Ski Enhancement Trips will also be added to the website for the upcoming ski season.  Asked about specific restrictions for trip sanctioning, Peter Porten replied that certain requirements must be met.  For example, each club must vet their trip leaders.  Also, all overseas trips must include medical insurance. 

Old Business


2011 BRSC Trips Status


Western Carnival Park City, Utah, February 5/6 – 12/13, 2011

Noble McClellan, BRSC Trip Coordinator, reported participation of 9 clubs so far with over 300 guests.   Accommodations are at the Park City Peaks hotel, Park Station Condos and the Yarrow Resort Hotel.  All rooms at the Park City Peaks are sold out; some are left at the Yarrow.  Judy Miller, GTU, explained the itinerary of the week and ensured ground transportation is available to accommodate all travelers even though ¼ of the group is arranging their own air travel.  She also let everybody know that there will be a drawing at the Farewell Dinner Dance at Park City for a huge prize:  5 nights stay and 4 days of skiing for two at Big Sky!


EurofestAosta Valley, Italy, February 25 – March 5, 2011

Jerry Poley, BRSC Trip Coordinator, reported the trip is 83% sold.  So far 7 clubs have signed up with 153 participants.  He strives to improve communications with club contacts to reach all the BRSC members and invite them to participate in this trip.  Dorothea Rasser, Ski Europe, presented the itinerary of the week and announced the post trip extensions to Rome, Zermatt (SSS for 1 week), London, and Paris.  She promoted the trip to be an excellent choice for non-skiers who may enjoy the daily excursions and trip extension choices.


Hot Topics


One unnamed topic was submitted for discussion by Email. The BRSC committee members voted unanimously not to address this item.  The issue was internal to The Columbia Ski Club and should not be addressed at this meeting.


Old Issue proposed by Frank Peñaranda, BRSC webmaster:  How much to charge for sanctioning non-ski trips.  Mikes Jones, President, Baltimore Ski Club, explained how successful Summer trips have been advertised on the BRSC website and members agreed to ask the same price for all sanctioned trips is fair. Sonny Short, Peninsula Ski Club moved to charge $10 for all Non-ski trips.  Seconded by Connie Wiley, Fredericksburg Ski Club, the motion passed unanimously.



New Business


Vendor Presentation of Bids for 2012 Western Carnival – Vail and Snowmass

In September, Gary Prestianni, BRSC Trip Coordinator recommended that the Council drop the Vail option for several reasons: dates, cost, banquet space tied to 100 room minimum.   Pat Crowley, President, agreed to go with Snowmass, the lower risk alternative.  “There is no way Blue Ridge clubs can guarantee that 200 participants would choose to stay outside of Lionshead and Vail Village and stay at the hotel (Vail Cascades) just so we can reserve their banquet room.”

The three selected tour operators - Judy Miller, GTU; Effie Rubinstein – Sportours; and Dan Ellis - Winter Ski and Sport -  presented their bids for Snowmass, for 10 minutes each.


After a short discussion, the voting process started. In addition to the regular votes allowed (per representative at the meeting, up to a total of three votes), each club could cast up to three extra votes, depending on the number of BRSC trips taken (separately for Western Carnival and for Eurofest) in the past three years.  If three trips were taken, three additional votes could be added; (two trips – two votes; one trip - one vote.) These extra votes are for trips from 2008 through 2010. Lists showing the extra votes for each club were made available.


Vendor Presentation of Bids for 2012 Eurofest – Andorra and La Plagne, France


Judy Burlbaugh, BRSC coordinator, distributed the confidential bids for Eurofest.  GTU and Ski Europe did not provide bids for La Plagne.  They didn’t think the location would be suitable for a Council trip.  GTU ’s bid for France was for Trois Vallee.  Ski Alpine Experience provided a bid for La Plagne.  All three  tour operators offered proposals for Andorra.


The Council decided to vote for location first and then for vendor.  A show of hands resulted in 7 votes for France and 16 for Andorra.


After a short discussion, the voting process started.  All paper votes were counted by committee members Steve Peirce and Inge Lesjak for both vendor selections. 


Selected: Sportours for 2012 Western Carnival – Snowmass, February 11 - 18

 GTU for 2012 Eurofest – Andorra, March 2 – 10 


Big Sky Presentation: Victor deLeo from Big Sky, Montana, a valued sponsor of this meeting, made a presentation informing us about the new attractions at the resort:  a new lift from the village center, the Mountain Grill restaurant, a huge zip line and improved connections to Moonlight Basin and Yellowstone Park.  He donated “Spankies”  (goggle lens cloths) to all representatives.


Future Year Trip Destinations


Dan Ellis spoke briefly, recommending establishing two future destinations of interest and then considering one for the bid process. It will help coordinators to plan ahead, especially for air space. 


Peter Porton led the discussion about future destination for the Western Carnival.  The group decided on Big Sky and Steamboat to be considered for 2013.


Judy Burlbaugh solicited future destinations for Eurofest.  Suggestions from the council are: France - Chamonix and Trois Vallee; Switzerland – Interlaken/Grindelwald; Japan;

and Austria – Zell am See.

The Council decided on Trois Vallee, France to be considered for 2013 and Chamonix, France for 2014.


2011 Elections


The positions of Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are up for election at the Spring 2011 meeting.  Frank Peñaranda volunteered and was selected to chair the Election Committee.  Interested candidates should contact him.


Breakout Sessions convened at 3:20 pm


During the break out sessions for Park City, Utah and Aosta Valley, Italy, tour operators explained weekly itineraries and trip leader admin responsibilities. Especially for the European trip it is important to collect correct personal information based on current TSA regulations. 

For Aosta, Dorothea will email required forms, admin instructions and planned tour programs to each trip leader.

For Park City, Judy will request ground transportation requirements for travelers making their own airline reservations.  Kitty Imdahl (now a resident at Park City) gave an update on the three ski areas: Park City, Deer Valley, and the Canyons.  She plans to email more information to all trip leaders about ski and non-ski activities at Park City.




Peter thanked everybody for attending the meeting.  The formal meeting ended when members gathered for the breakout sessions, which finished at 4:15 pm.


Decision Summary


  • Spring Meeting set for April 30, 2011 hosted by the Columbia Ski Club
  • Approved Spring 2010 meeting minutes
  • Approved Treasurer’s report
  • Acknowledged race rules for Park City, Utah
  • BRSC website project to be completed next year
  • Trip Sanctioning procedures to be added to website
  • Selected Andorra for 2012 Eurofest:  March 2-10 with Judy Miller, GTU, as tour operator
  • Selected Snowmass, Colorado for 2012 Western Carnival: February 11-18 with Effie Rubinstein, Sportours, as tour operator

·        Selected 2013 Eurofest destination – Trois Vallee, France

  • Selected 2014 Eurofest destination – Chamonix, France

·        Selected 2013 Western Carnival destinations – Big Sky and Steamboat


Amended:  all clubs who voted on the e-mailed motion regarding the date of the next meeting concurred to have the Spring BRSC meeting date on Saturday, April 30; this is the day after the Paul Webber Ski Show, as was agreed upon at the meeting. 

Respectfully Submitted:

Inge Lesjak, Secretary

October 22, 2010