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Draft Minutes of the Fall 2011 Blue Ridge Ski Council Meeting

Location:  Maggiano's Little Italy, Tysons Corner, VA

Date: October 2, 2011

Attendees: List

Call to Order

Pat Crowley, President called the meeting to order at 8:45 am


36 representatives from 13 member clubs introduced themselves plus the following tour operators: Dan Ellis, Winter Ski and Sport; Judy Miller, Group Trips Unlimited; Effie Rubinstein, Sportours of New Jersey.


Special guest Paul Weber invited all BRSC club representatives and Trip Leaders to his annual travel show.  The Spring 2012 Ski Show is planned for Friday, May 4th, 2012 at the Tyson’s Marriott hotel. Fifty resort representatives/exhibitors are scheduled to be there.  Save the date!

Spring 2011 Minutes  

A motion to approve the minutes from the Spring BRSC meeting was made by Frank Peñaranda and passed unanimously. 


Date & Host for the Spring 2012 BRSC Meeting


The BRSC Spring meeting will be hosted by the Crabtowne Ski Club at Maggiano’s, McLean, VA on Saturday, May 5th, 2012.  Molly Hochman proposed to conduct the meeting here because suitable places in Annapolis are already booked or too expensive.


Pat Crowley invited Noble McClellan, Richmond Ski Club to address location and dates for the 2012 Fall Meeting.  Richmond Ski Club is the sponsor of the Fall meeting and proposed to schedule a two-day event at Wintergreen Resort on September 22/23, 2012.

Executive Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report:  Steve Peirce presented the balance sheet of income and expenses, a snapshot from the Spring 2011 to the Fall 2011 meeting.  A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by Stacy Hickman and passed unanimously.  The Treasurer's Report is available on this link.


Standing Committee Reports


Website:  Pat Crowley gave an update on the BRSC website redesign project.  The team has been working on improving the site and the new design should be ready by January 2012.  Compliments to Frank Peñaranda for timely updates, especially prompt posting of the trip sanction information.  


Race Rules:  Dave Olsen distributed a report on the race for the 2012 Western Carnival at Snowmass (available on this link).  He said there are no changes proposed to the race rules from last winter.


Trip Sanctioning:  Frank provided a current status report of all sanctioned trips. See Report 

Old Business

2012 BRSC Trips Status


Western Carnival   Snowmass, Colorado, February 11-18, 2012

Gary Prestianni, BRSC Trip Coordinator, said that several events scheduled during the week will make the trip very suitable for non-skiers: Judy Collins at the Opera House (tickets are $30-$40); Cross Country Race Feb. 11/12; Snowboard championships Feb. 12/13; and fireworks on Friday night. Effie Rubinstein, Sportours said that 9 clubs are confirmed at three properties with close to 300 guests.  Everybody has first choice for airfare on Southwest.  There are also flights available on American Airlines to ‘Eagle’. A pre-trip extension is available to Breckenridge with Columbia Ski Club during the prior week, saving about $430 on airfare.


Eurofest Andorra, March 2 – 10, 2012

Judy Burlbaugh, BRSC Trip Coordinator, and Judy Miller, GTU reported 147 participants so far, with spaces still available. This is an excellent trip for non-skiers.  Everybody is staying in the same hotel; lift pass is $250 for all Andorra ski areas.  We’ll have a dedicated bus for transfers to and from the ski resorts. Day trips are scheduled to Carcassonne, France; the Mediterranean coast and the Salvador Dali Museum; plus a Barcelona city tour if enough interest.  Caldea Spa days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.   




A moment of silence was asked by Bill Steinhour, Fagowees President, in honor of “Dutch” Mueller, founder of the Fagowee Ski Club of Washington, DC 45 years ago. He passed away on July 29, 2011, at the age of 78.  He was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery


New Business


2013 Trips


Western CarnivalBig Sky, Montana  Feb 2-9


The three selected tour operators:  Dan Ellis - Winter Ski and Sport; Effie Rubinstein - Sportours; and Judy Miller - GTU; presented their bids for Big Sky.

Noble McClellan, BRSC coordinator presented a summary of the bids. After a short discussion, the club representatives cast their votes.


EurofestTrois Vallee, France Feb 23 – Mar 2


Judy Miller, GTU presented her bid. Ski Europe did not submit a bid and Andre Gupta of Ski Alpine Experience was unable to attend.

Inge Lesjak, BRSC coordinator, presented a summary of the two bids.  After a short discussion, the club representatives cast their votes.


In addition to the regular votes allowed (per representative at the meeting, up to a total of three votes), each club could cast up to three extra votes, depending on the number of BRSC trips taken (separately for Western Carnival and for Eurofest) in the past three years.  If three trips were taken, three additional votes could be added; (two trips – two votes; one trip - one vote.) These extra votes are for trips from 2008 through 2011. Lists showing the extra votes for each club were made available.

2012 Elections


The position of President is up for election at the Spring 2012 meeting.  Frank Peñaranda volunteered to chair the Election Committee.  Interested candidates should contact him.


Future-Year Trip Destinations


BRSC Summer Trips


Pat Crowley announced that Ron Hamrah, President of Sun, Snow & Surf Ski Club, had volunteered to be the coordinator for the first BRSC summer trip and that she made that appointment. She announced that the first BRSC summer trip would be a Mediterranean Cruise. During a lengthy discussion, Bill Steinhour of the Fagowees offered to be part of the team researching summer trips.  Sonny Short moved that Ron Hamrah and Bill Steinhour be designated to research a 2013 BRSC Summer trip destination/itinerary. Seconded by Barb Hagelgans. The Majority was in favor – 2 opposed.


2014 Western Carnival


Steve Peirce suggested the Cascades Hotel, west of Lion’s Head in Vail, Colorado, as the destination for the 2014 Western Carnival.  Stacy Hickman suggested Banff, Lake Louise. Peter Porton identified three major resorts where the BRSC has not been:  Vail, Alta, and Whistler.


After some discussion, Sonny Short made a motion to select Vail as the 2014 Western Carnival destination, during the first full week of February 2014, with all clubs staying at the Cascades.  The motion was seconded by Stacy Hickman. The motion passed.


2014 Eurofest


Chamonix, France is the destination for the 2014 Eurofest as previously selected at the 2010 Fall Meeting.  Dates:  early March.


Hot Topics


Bid Process

Motion made by Peter Porton:  In the future, let the tour operators know that, in order to allow sufficient time for proper evaluation, their proposals, including any confidential statements and a comparison sheet produced by the BRSC trip coordinator, will be distributed on the Monday prior to the scheduled Fall Meeting to all individual club representatives that are registered to attend the meeting. The motion was seconded by Molly Hochman and passed unanimously.


Dave Olsen suggested including a statement in the Request for Proposals that the tour operators must consent to the distribution of their proposals to all registered members of the meeting.


Breakout Sessions convened at 3:10 pm


During the break-out sessions for Snowmass and Andorra, the tour operators distributed pamphlets and other information.  They explained weekly itineraries and trip leader responsibilities. It is important to follow tour operator’s instructions and collect correct personal information based on current TSA regulations, to avoid additional ticket change charges. 




Pat thanked everybody for attending the meeting.  The formal meeting finished at 4:05 pm when members gathered for the breakout sessions.


Decision Summary


·        Spring Meeting set for May 5, 2012 hosted by the Crabtowne Skiers.

·        Approved Spring 2011 meeting minutes.

·        Approved Treasurer’s report.

·        Acknowledged race rules for Snowmass, Colorado.

·        New BRSC website will be introduced in January 2012.

·        Frank Peñaranda selected to chair the Election 2012 Committee.

·        Selected Group Trips Unlimited, Inc. (GTU) as tour operator for 2013 Western Carnival to Big Sky, Montana and for 2013 Eurofest at Trois Vallees, France.

·        Selected Ron Hamrah and Bill Steinhour to research a 2013 BRSC Summer trip destination/itinerary.

·        Selected 2014 Western Carnival destination – Vail, Colorado.  The Cascades.

·        Selected 2014 Eurofest destination – Chamonix, France.

·        Distribute Bid material to fall meeting attendees on the Monday before the meeting.