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Minutes of Fall 2007 Meeting


Minutes of Fall 2007 Meeting

Homewood Suites, Linthicum, MD

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Host: Baltimore Ski Club, Sheldon Hyman


BRSC:  Judy Burlbaugh, President & SCWDC; Peter Porton, Vice President & PSC, Steve Peirce, Treasurer & PSC, Kitty Imdahl, Secretary, CSC & SCWDC.  Baltimore Ski Club:  C. Edward Crawford, Sheldon Hyman, Christopher Pukalski, Michael Jones;  Capital Golden Skiers:  Inge Lesjak;  Columbia Ski Club:  Gary Prestianni, Joyce Wronka, Ted Dietz;  Crabtowne Skiers:  Molly Hochman;  Fredericksburg Ski Club:  Mike Redding, Rae Ehlen;  Goddard Ski Club:  Harvey Walden;  PATC:  Steve Bergstron;  Peninsula Ski Club:  Sonny Short;  Pentagon Ski Club:  Dave Olsen;  Potomac Valley Skiers:  Bob Marx, David Lerner, Charlie Huggins;  Richmond Ski Club:  Iwin McClellan, Pat Crawley, Noble McClellan;  SCWDC:  Sue Miller, Terri Kitcoff, Bill Johnston;  Snow Searchers Ski Club:  Dawn Brown; Sun,Snow & Surf Ski Club:  Susan Arnold.  Also:  AIG Travel Insurance:  Bill Sheets; Group Trips Unlimited:  Judy Miller; Sportours of New Jersey:  Effie Rubenstein; Vail Associates:  Jill Canning, Mike Agnew; Winter Ski & Sport:  Dan Ellis


President Judy Burlbaugh called the meeting to order at 8:15am and welcomed everyone.  She discussed the National Ski Council Federation meeting that she attended in August and presented a written report (more below).  The BRSC Executive Committee members and club delegates introduced themselves.  Judy said she wants to be sure the club listing is updated and she is requesting an update on fees paid by clubs and which clubs owe fees.

Date and Host of Spring ‘08 Meeting

Saturday, May 17, 2008  Maggiano’s  in Tysons, VA  Hosted by Pentagon Ski Club (Peter Porton)


Executive Committee Reports



Several corrections were offered to the minutes of the May 19, 2007 spring meeting.  Under New Business, change C. Edwards Crawford’s name to C. Edward Crawford

Pg 3 – Amend minutes to say motion tabled the BRSC decision to consider two resorts for Western Carnival when sending information to vendors.  Molly Hochman moved, Noble McClellan seconded.  Approved.


Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Steve Peirce presented the Treasurer’s Report with a balance as of September 29 of $8,131.07 in checking account and $8,684.83 in CD’s.  There was total Income from August 28, 2006 to September 11, 2007 of $6,774.95 and Expenses Paid from August 18, 2006 to September 29, 2007 of $3,616.65.  Sonny Short moved, Sheldon Hyman seconded.  Approved.



May 2008  -  Molly appointed Head of Election committee

Standing Committee Reports


Peter proposed BRSC to hire Laura Harley to redesign our website & make it more user friendly.  Laura redesigned the PSC’s website, and the cost for us will be $500 to $750.  We want to have it completed by March.  The request will be a Not to Exceed price of $750 suggested - Molly moved, Gary P seconded.  Passed.



Dave Olsen distributed updated BR Race Rules.  Peter moved to accept, Steve Peirce seconded.  NOTE:  the new rules are on the BR Website.


National Ski Council Federation (NSCF):

Each club should put “Member of National Ski Council Federation” on their website with a link to the NSCF site.  NSCF is studying FAMs – saying we need a check list to use when evaluating resorts, give resorts feedback after the FAM so they know  how it went and if they should consider any changes, how should information about FAMs be distributed within our council.  Do not visit another resort while on a FAM from the host resort.


ICE:  Spread the word to your members to put the word “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) in their cell phone along with the name and emergency contact phone number for EMT’s to use in case of an automobile accident or accident on the slopes.  Put the word “ICE,” leave a space, then put the name of your emergency contact person and their phone number.  Resorts are recognizing that clubs are a value to their operation. 


How to Grow a Club:  Use the media through a PR committee, take a reporter on a local ski trip or learn to ski trip, run an event with a charity, use a website such as to type in where to ski that day & use it to advertise your trips. 


IRS and non-profit 501c:  All by-law changes to your club have to be sent to the IRS to maintain 501c status.  See line 77 on the IRS form used by clubs and mark “yes” to by-law change.  1099’s are not needed for trip leaders who actually “work” while on the ski trip.  Keep track of expenses paid while on the trip to prove that you are working on the trip. 


Free Resorts Magazine: There is a free magazine with all kinds of inside information on resorts:  National Ski Areas Association Magazine.  Request one per club.  Judy B. passed around a “FAM” sheet for each club to name who from their club should receive the FAMs to distribute to their club members.  She has two FAMs in her folder. 


The next NSCF meeting: is Aug 21-25, 2008 at Winter Park.  For more detailed information, go to the NSCF website and use ID: ski club, password: member.

Old Business

2008 Western Carnival-Steamboat 

Ted Dietz, Coordinator, Steamboat, gave report on club participation, Welcome Party, other parties, and lodging used.  Super Bowl Sunday, Welcome Party 3:30 to 5:30 pm.  Tues Apres Ski party at Bear River Grill 4-6pm.  Wed race (10-2) at Bashor with picnic 12-3pm.  Each club should raise money for the Jimmy Heuga fund and they will give out a lot of prizes for that.  Ted will contact all the trip leaders to let them know more since he now has everyone’s email address.  Effie -  We have 432 people going to Steamboat.  Record for BR is 425.


2008 Eurofest - Interlaken, Switzerland

BR Coordinator Noble McClellan, RSC, has the necessary information for Interlaken trip leaders and gave a report and update on the trip. 


2009 Western Carnival-Keystone 

Presentation by the three vendors for the 2009 Keystone Western Carnival by Dan Ellis, Effie Rubinstein, and Judy Miller.   Keystone Rep: Mike Agnew  - we can lock in price on lift tickets.


Vendor’s Bids –Tabled Motion

Confusion on information in minutes regarding sending bid requests out for two resorts.  Discussion.  We need to have the resorts compete as well as the tour operators.  This will also include the two-week window for both the Western Carnival and Eurofest 2011 Trips: Dave O moved to go out for 2011 for two resorts, Peter seconded.  The motion passed with 5 opposed.  The Spring 2008 meeting is when we decide where to go for 2010.  Where will we go in 2011?


New Business


Mike Agnew introduced new Vail Associates Rep for the Mid-Atlantic - NorthEast area Jill Canning.  What’s new:  Keystone expanding snowcat area, new lifts & lodge   Heavenly - whole new area across from gondola – ready in 2010 - ramp from gondola.  Olympic Express - high speed quad to the Nevada side.  Discussion on Beaver Creek staying at Avon – Best Western – new gondola.  Best Western is a full service hotel - with group rate?  20%


2009 Keystone, CO Vendor Selection

Christopher Pukalski, Baltimore Ski Club, gave a presentation on the three bids and led a discussion comparing the bids and answering questions.  Vote:  Group Trips Unlimited awarded contract.  There will be a FAM to Keystone in January 2008 for about $300.  Please be sure the right people are given the information about the January FAM.


2009 Davos, Switzerland Vendor Selection 

Kitty Imdahl, Columbia Ski Club, handed out spread sheets on the three bids, led the discussion, and answered questions.  Peter moved to accept GTU, Molly seconded.  No opposition to the vote.  Vote:  Group Trips Unlimited awarded contract.        


Future BRSC Trips 

Possible venues for future trips were discussed:


2010 Western Carnival

Heavenly was selected as the 2010 site at the spring ’07 meeting. 


2010 Eurofest

Bormio was selected for the 2010 site after discussion on Andorra, (incl spa days), Trois Vallees, and Bormio. Judy requested more information on Andorra and we need to look at the possibility of Andorra which may get the improvements we need in the next few years. Judy B:  At Andorra - Town of Keno – walk to gondola – but not big enough.  There are five resorts in the capital and plenty of lodging space in the capital but you need a dedicated bus. Marty Rine can talk with us about Andorra at a future BR meeting. Les Trois Vallees is very expensive right now but things could change.


2010 Trips Coordinators

Four people have applied for 2010 Coordinators:  Steve Peirce - PSC and Pat Crowley -Richmond Ski Club for Western Carnival; Cathy Homens for any trip, and Peter Porton – PSC for Eurofest. 

Vote results:  Peter for Eurofest;   Pat for Western Carnival.


2011 Trips

Suggestions for 2011 included Park City (we were last there in 2000), Alyeska or Telluride (last there in 2001).  Another possibility is Beaver Creek, with lodging in Avon, or Snowmass (last there in 2002). Everyone should bring ideas and suggestions to the spring ’08 meeting so we can make a decision on 2011. We need to come up with a firm list of resorts to vote on at that meeting – we can then throw losers into next year’s mix. Trip Committee needs to do more checking into Andorra.


Evaluation Forms

Make evaluation form to use in evaluation of resorts during a FAM


Helmets are Us 

Discussion and comment to put club decals on front of helmets


AIG Travel Guard 

There was a presentation by Bill Sheets on AIG Travel Insurance.


Fred Zedec show: Nov 9, 10, 11


Appreciation for Nancy Cruise

A round of applause and a BIG Thank You to Nancy for all her years of hard work!


Meeting adjourned



  • Judy B. said she wants to be sure the club listing is updated and she is requesting an update on fees paid by clubs with a listing of which clubs owe fees.  ACTION – Treasurer
  • 2008 Spring Meeting:  Saturday, May 17, 2008  Magiano’s Restaurant in Tysons Corner, VA.  Hosted by Pentagon Ski Club (Peter Porton)
  • Election for President – May 2008  -  Molly head of Election Committee
  • Website redesign – by March 2008  - Action – Peter Porton
  • Starting with the 2011 Bids – request bids for two different resorts
  • 2010 Coordinators:  Peter Porton, Eurofest;  Pat Crawley, Western Carnival
  • Make evaluation form to be used to evaluate resorts during a FAM – Trip Committee
  • Mid-Atlantic Ski & Travel Show – May 2, 2008, Bethesda Mariott North
  • Everyone to bring suggestions for 2011 trips.
  • Next NSCF meeting 8/21-25/08 Winter Park.


Respectfully Submitted:

Kitty Imdahl

Secretary, BRSC

March 21, 2008