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Minutes of spring 2002 Meeting

Holiday Inn, Solomons, MD

Sunday, May 19, 2002


BRSC: Wayne Homens, President; Rae Ehlen, Vice President; Steve Peirce, Treasurer; Nancy Cruise, Secretary.

The following clubs were represented (list of attendees at enclosure 1): Pentagon Ski Club, Columbia Ski Club, Fredericksburg Ski Club, Crabtowne Skiers, Fagowees Ski Club, Baltimore Ski Club, Harford Ski Club, Capital Golden Skiers, Ski Club of Washington DC, Southern MD Ski Club, Potomac Valley Skiers, Mogul Ski Club, and Frederick Ski Club (Saturday only).

Approval of Minutes. 

President, Wayne Homens, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and welcomed everyone. He reported that about 28 people attended the session on Saturday and that everyone who came got a lot out of the meeting.

Dan Van Gelder moved and Pam Chewning seconded approval of the minutes. One opposed, majority in favor. The motion was approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer, Steve Peirce reported that there was a checkbook balance of about $5,000 and a savings account balance of about $2,000. The treasurer’s report is at enclosure 2. Steve said that because the savings account minimum balance is being raised from $2000 to $8000 and because we earn minimal interest in the account, he is going to transfer all funds into the checking account in order to avoid paying monthly fees. He was expecting to receive funds back from EuroFest. Cathy Homens moved and Harry Gaskin seconded approval of the treasurer’s report. All were in favor. The motion was approved.


No ski show report was available.

Wayne said that BRSC had about 35-40 trip sanctions this year. He said that the sanction fees cover the cost of running the web site. Some clubs have not paid their sanction fees although it is clearly stated on the application to pay the fee. Peter Porton moved that Wayne not put a sanction on the web until Steve lets him know that the sanction fee has been paid. Zee Breidenbaugh seconded the motion. All were in favor. The motion was approved.

Wayne had not heard from PSIA.


Dave Olsen reported that for the Western Carnival race at Lake Louise, Southern MD won the participation award with 100 percent participation and Pentagon took the club competition award. A written report was available to the club delegates. Dave Olsen noted that two weeks after the BRSC race, the Lake Louise race staff changed the handicap of one of the pacesetters, which resulted in different Nastar race results being posted at Dave inquired as to why, but he was not able to get any satisfactory answers. Dave presented the traveling trophy to the Pentagon Ski Club with Peter Porton accepting for PSC.

Lance Brevard, on behalf of Sam Mantis, reported on WSI. WSI is open to all and Lance encouraged everyone to participate. Columbia Ski Club won this year’s club competition. Wayne said he’d post the WSI race schedule on the web if it was provided to him.

Wayne explained the ski safety award nomination process. He encouraged clubs to nominate people who promote ski safety within their clubs.

Wayne reported he attended the National Ski Council Federation meeting at which council delegates met with the major resorts and ski industry representatives. Wayne said that the ski industry representatives basically said that they are down to bare margins that they can’t give away what they had in the past, e.g., extra lift tickets, bigger group discounts for larger groups, etc. Also, discussion took place on the use of FAM trips. The industry representatives felt that FAM trips were not being used by club decision makers, but used a rewards within the clubs. Web site:

Ski Safety.  

Trip Sanctions.   

Old Business

2002 Western Carnival to Banff/Lake Louise, February 2-9, 2002. Peter Porton, BRSC coordinator, reported that there were 209 participants from 11 clubs on the trip and BRSC grossed $764.00 after admin/trophy costs from the $5.00 per person fee. There were 8-9 comps for the clubs. He said everything went smoothly. Skiing was good. Wayne added that the dinners and après ski activities were excellent.

2002 EuroFest to Chamonix, France, March 8-16, 2002. Cathy Homens, BRSC coordinator, reported that the Chamonix trip was a very fun time and that there were approximately 130 people from 4 clubs on the trip. Of that number, approximately 60 people went on to Prague and had a great time. The tour vendor, Central Holidays, donated an extra comp to BRSC and their on-site representative provided great service.

Before moving on to new business, the executive committee and the club delegates introduced themselves.

Internet Update.  

Wayne provided an Internet update. A handout was made available to the council Wayne said that January was the most active month with 2200 visits to the web site. Out of the 2200 visits, there was an average of 71 people per day who stayed for 562 page views. They were looking at the sanction trips, sanction pages, and going to the club sites. In May so far there were already 730 visits at an average of 66 people per day. Wayne said it was very important that the information on the BRSC and club web sites be kept up-to-date. Wayne asked the clubs for newsworthy articles/inputs for the web site. He’d prefer to have them electronically. He would also like inputs from club webmasters on how to make the BRSC web site more exciting. Wayne again offered to put club policy memos on the web. He also said that if there is a club who does not have a web site, they can have a page on the BRSC site at no cost.

New Business

Wayne discussed ski group. He explained what ski group was and some of its history. Ski group was not held this year in the Washington/Baltimore area. Paul Webber quickly put together a fairly good show this year. Wayne said that many of the vendors expressed that they would like BRSC to put together its own ski show. Wayne asked for volunteers in three areas: 1. solicit vendors; 2. work the door, etc.; 3. do mailings. Also need a place to hold the show. There were some remarks from the floor that putting on a ski group type of show would be very labor and time intensive. Peter Porton said that Paul Webber was proposing to put together a show next spring on a Saturday and include an interactive educational forum for BRSC. Wayne suggested that perhaps BRSC could initially work with Paul Webber then evolve into its own show.

Wayne touched on the legal problems facing GTU and explained that all council money was in an escrow account with a lawyer and could only be disbursed by the lawyer. Wayne said that he’d been approached by many vendors and felt confident that BRSC would be able to come up with contingency plan for the 2003 trips if necessary. Wayne said he wanted to allay the clubs fears and said that the trips next year should continue as planned.

The council broke for lunch at 1130 and reconvened at 1300.

Wayne reminded the council that the 2004 western carnival will be at Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado and the EuroFest 2004 location is Cortina, Italy. Wayne said that the coordinators will be chosen after the election for President. [Insert: the council previously approved the 2005 western carnival at Breckenridge, Colorado and the 2006 western carnival at Sun Valley, Idaho.]


2003 Western Carnival, Lake Tahoe, February 1-8, 2003. Nancy Waddington thanked the council for selecting her as the 2003 western carnival coordinator. So far the clubs have committed 308 people. The council will be skiing at Squaw, Heavenly, Kirkwood, and the race will be at Alpine Meadows. Discussion followed concerning how to orchestrate the ski day via the Tahoe Queen. Suggestions were made that some clubs might like to take the big boat and have breakfast and some would prefer the fast boat. Judy Miller said she would work it out with the clubs and the Tahoe Queen company. Question from the floor whether senior lift tickets would be available by the ski areas. Judy answered that the prices were not yet available and that age and price would vary at the different areas. Judy recommended that anyone 65 and over take a non-lift ticket package. Nancy’s e-mail address is:

2004 EuroFest, Innsbruck, Austria, February 28-March 8, 2003. Kitty Imdahl, BRSC coordinator, reported that so far 7 clubs have committed over 300 people. The clubs are spread out over four different hotels. The package will not include the evening meal except those included with the BRSC party package. There are several options for side trips and trip extensions. Tp send e-mail toKitty Imdahl. Judy said that the optional insurance package for evacuation insurance will be $20.00 per person but must be elected by the clubs on a club-by-club basis.

Judy Miller, Group Trips Unlimited, announced that Paul Webber thanks the BRSC for their support of the recent ski group event and that next year Paul would like to host the event on a Saturday instead of a weekday evening. Judy asked for a vote and 80 percent of the delegates agreed with the Saturday event. Judy talked about her legal situation. Wayne Homens asked Judy to explain about the escrow account. Judy stated that “all trip funds are, any trip deposits, all the trip money that we have in house have been put into an escrow account called the group trips unlimited trip fund deposit escrow account and so therefore all of the trip funds are protected, you know, against any kind of law suit that could erupt after this.” She said they had taken all the group deposit funds out of their corporate accounts and put them into a separate account, which is controlled by an attorney. She said that she is not a signature on the account, only the attorney is and that those funds can only be disbursed to pay hotel and airlines and things like that. Judy said that if anyone would like her to, she would send out any information including account numbers on the escrow account.

Election for council president. The two candidates for President are Wayne Homens and Stacy Hickman. Joel Gardner spoke for Stacy Hickman. Wayne Homens spoke for himself. Wayne Homens was elected President.

Potomac Valley Skiers volunteered to host the next council meeting, which will be held Saturday, September 21.

There was a question from the floor about ski group. Wayne said he would get with Paul Webber in order to have some idea about what is going on in order to report to the council at the fall meeting. Cathy Homens made a motion to solicited volunteers to get started on the ski group. Motion was second. All in favor. Motion carried. Volunteers were: Nancy Waddington, Dan Van Gilder, and Zee Breidenbaugh.

Wayne said that if anyone wanted to hang after the meeting that he would be willing to cover the Saturday breakout sessions.

Harry Gaskin moved that the meeting be adjourned, Pam Chewning second. The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy E. Cruise


Blue Ridge Ski Council