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Minutes of spring 2004 meeting

Holiday Inn, Tyson’s Corner, VA

Saturday, May 15, 2004



BRSC:  Wayne, President; Rae, Vice President; Steve, Treasurer; Nancy, Secretary;  Pentagon Ski Club:  Dave, Peter, Dick, Ric (BRSC Trip Coordinator); Columbia Ski Club: Kitty, Barry, Ron, Tom, Bill (BRSC Trip Coordinator); Fredericksburg Ski Club: Robert, Mike;  Crabtowne Skiers:  Molly, Nancy, Fagowees Ski Club: Pam, Dutch, Donna; Baltimore Ski Club: C. Edward, Christopher, Charlie; Ski Club of Washington DC: Terrence, Margo; Potomac Valley Skiers:  Charles, Glade, Bob, David; Goddard:  Harvey; Capital Golden Skiers: Inge; Richmond:  Carl, Anne; PATC:  Steve; Mogul:  Jeffrey; WSI:  Sam.

President Wayne called the meeting to order at 8:16 a.m. and welcomed everyone.  The BRSC executive committee members and club delegates introduced themselves.  Wayne introduced Steve from PATC and recommended that other clubs who have cross country skiers use PATC sanctioned trips.


Steve, PATC, moved and Chris, BSC, seconded the motion that the fall 2003 minutes be approved as presented and posted on the web.  All were in favor.  The motion was approved.

Treasurer's report

Treasurer Steve reported a savings account balance of  $2627.54 and a checkbook account balance of $10,776.47 which is up from about $6400.00 a year ago.  There was a question from the floor about how much profit was made on the trips this past year.  Steve reported that there was $2468.00 profit on the trips.

Committee Reports
Ski shows

Kitty, CSC, reported that the Mid-Atlantic Ski Travel Show on May 1 had approximately 100 attendees and 54 vendors.  The overall impression from the delegates was that the show was a success.  Peter, PSC, said that Paul Webber would like BRSC to advertise the show more and that the show might be in a different location next year.  The delegates’ consensus was that they had not received enough advance information about the show.  Peter said he would relay the Council’s concerns to Paul Webber.  A suggestion from the floor was to have the BRSC meeting in conjunction with the show.  Wayne said that it might depend on whether the location was known by the fall 04 meeting.  There was a suggestion from the floor that BRSC provide a training session for clubs on how to work with vendors instead of the vendors providing the training. 

No report was available on Fred Zedeck’s show.

General Topics 

Wayne said that during the meeting the club delegates would be choosing the vendors to solicit bids from for the 2006 Sun Valley and Val Gardena trips.  He asked the delegates to carefully consider which vendors that they recommend are included. 

 Wayne asked the club delegates to give him feedback on what they would like out the BRSC meetings.  He would like to know if the group feels BRSC has the right venue.  Several people had suggested to Wayne that the agenda BRSC is working from is old and needs to be reworked.  He asked for feedback from the club presidents and/or delegates.  Wayne said he felt that too much time is spent on talking about BRSC trips and that he’d like to know why the clubs attend the meetings.

National Ski Council Federation

Wayne explained that BRSC became a founding member of the National Ski Council Federation about 5 years ago.  He said that the federation has added a number of benefits that are available to all Council club members.  There is a link on the BRSC web site to the benefits list.  Any member of a council club can use the benefits.  Wayne discussed the situation with the vendor Ski Europe.  The next federation meeting will be held early September in Switzerland.  Wayne asked the delegates to provide him with any concerns/issues about the ski industry that they would like him to address during the meeting.

Date and host of Fall 04 Meeting 

Peter, PSC, asked whether the fall meeting should be a one or two day meeting.  Wayne suggested that a two day meeting format might include a Saturday informal meeting to act as a break out session for a ski committee to draft a standardized bid letter, train coordinators, develop a coordinator manual, and develop recommendations for the formal Sunday meeting.  Wayne polled (straw vote) the club delegates whether they would prefer a one or two day fall meeting.  The Council consensus was a one day meeting. Pentagon volunteered to host; proposed date is Saturday, October 2.

Ski Safety

Wayne said that 1999 was the last year that BRSC awarded a ski safety award.  Wayne explained that the purpose of the award is to honor a person or organization that fosters ski safety.  Peter, PSC, suggested that the ski safety award be altered to include, in addition to safety, recognition for other contributions for bringing the BRSC community together.  Peter moved that the ski safety award be changed to the ski recognition award.  Bill, BRSC trip coordinator, seconded the motion.  All were in favor, motion approved.  Wayne asked that nominations for the award be submitted to him by August 1st so that the executive board could select the award recipient(s) for a fall meeting presentation.  There was a suggestion from the floor that the number of recipients per year be limited to two.


Dave, PSC and 2004 Western Carnival race coordinator, said that the printed results of the Western Carnival race in Snowmass were available on the literature table.  Dave said he had copies of the race rules if anyone wanted a copy.  The top three participation awards went to Baltimore, Southern MD and Pentagon.  The top three club team competition awards went to Pentagon, Baltimore and Columbia.

Old Business

Steve, PSC and 2004 Western Carnival coordinator, provided the Council a report on the recent Western Carnival trip to Steamboat, CO.  He noted that there were a few problems that arose during the trip. During the welcome party, there was too little food.  Steve suggested that during future trips, coordinators need to contract for adequate food.  He said that the Council had accepted the lower bid on the trip package which did not provide satisfactory food at the welcome party.  The race was well run.  The final banquet/dinner dance went well with more than enough food for everyone.  Steve said there were problems on the return trip due to the weather and that some money would be reimbursed to the participants. 

 Bill, CSC and 2004 Eurofest coordinator, provided the Council a report on the trip to Cortina, Italy, February 27 -March 6, 2004.  Bill said that the trip was very successful with fantastic snow.  There were 161 participants from four clubs, Baltimore, Ski Club of Washington DC (SCWDC), Potomac Valley Skiers (PVS) and CSC.

New Business


The position of BRSC President was up for election.  Rae, Vice President and chairman of the election committee, said that he and Peter, PSC, and member of the election committee solicited nominations and had received no nominations.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Dave, PSC, moved and Barry, CSC, seconded that Wayne be reelected BRSC President for another term by acclimation.  All were in favor.  Motion carried.


Wayne explained the trip sanction process. Discussion followed on what obligation the clubs have in promoting the sanctions. Wayne said that with the advent of the internet, the trips are well advertised and the trip sanction program has grown.  Wayne asked the delegates to get their trip sanctions to him early.  He will post them on the internet via a link to the club’s trip page or he will create a page.  If he is asked to create a page, Wayne would prefer the information in a text document instead of word.  He said there is no limit to the amount of information that can be provided.  Cost for a trip sanction is $10.00.  The application form is on the web site.

New Business

Christopher, BSC and 2005 Western Carnival coordinator, gave the Council an update on plans for the 2005 Western Carnival trip to Breckenridge, February 5-12.  He said because of problems in the past with the welcome parties he changed the time to 5:00-6:30 p.m. so that people will not consider it a dinner event. Food will be plentiful and will come out staggered, drink tickets will be provided and the door will be locked until 5:00.  The three events during the week will be held at different locations.  Dan Ellis, Rocky Mountain Tours, provided more details on the trip.

 The Council broke for lunch at 11:30 a.m. and reconvened at 1:00 p.m.

 Wayne began the discussion on the 2005 Eurofest trip to Meribel, March 4-12, by saying that he had received many e-mails from the clubs saying that the cost for Meribel was way too high.  Wayne explained that he and Ric had considered moving the trip to another location near by but in that particular place there wasn’t a whole lot to do and it was still too pricey.  Ric explained that when he was selected coordinator, the Council had already selected the destination, Meribel.  He sent out letters to four vendors requesting bids and he received three responses.  The Council selected the vendor from the three bid proposals.  Ric said that when the final contract was received it bore no real relationship to what the vendor proposed when BRSC selected them.  Also, out of the vendors, the selected vendor’s original proposal also had a not to exceed price in their proposal.  Ric suggested that during new business the Council discuss using a committee to select future Europe destinations and also discuss the timing of bid requests.  Bob, PVS, moved that BRSC drop the proposal for Eurofest 2005.  Molly, Crabtowne seconded the motion.  There was a question from the floor whether penalties would incur if BRSC withdrew from the trip.  Wayne said that the vendor would withdraw the contract without penalties if BRSC would state on BRSC letterhead that it withdraws from the trip due to the price of the trip.  Question was called.  All were in favor, motion carried.

 Selection of 2006 Western Carnival and Eurofest Coordinators.

 Wayne said he had received two nominations other than himself for the 2006 Western Carnival coordinator position.  He withdrew himself after being reelected BRSC President.  Each candidate or the candidate’s proxy was given the opportunity to address the Council.  Donna, SCWDC, was selected as the 2006 BRSC Western Carnival coordinator.  For the 2006 Eurofest coordinator position, Wayne had received only one nomination.  Wayne moved, and Glade, PVS, seconded that Peter, PSC, be selected as the 2006 Eurofest coordinator.  All were in favor, motion carried.

 Wayne said that if clubs had no shows for the meeting, the clubs were still liable for the $39.00 meeting fee.  He said that the Council treasury had supplemented the meeting fee by $21.00 per person.  Wayne said that BRSC and BSC is trying out paypal as a method of paying meeting fees for BRSC and for renewal fees for BSC.  He will keep the Council updated on how well it works.

 The Council broke into discussion groups and reconvened at 3:25.

 Selection of 2006 Western Carnival and Eurofest tour operators

 The Council selected AOS, GTU and Moguls as vendors to send bid requests to for the 2006 Eurofest trip to Val Gardena.  The Council selected RMT, GTU and Moguls as vendors to send bid requests to for the 2006 Western Carnival to Sun Valley.

 Ric, PSC, who was appointed by BRSC President Wayne to chair a committee to select Eurofest destinations, reported that he had six volunteers to serve on the committee.  He also solicited volunteers from the floor and asked club representatives to solicit volunteers from their respective clubs.  Ric will report to the Council at the fall meeting with two destinations for consideration for 2007 Eurofest.


Bill, CSC, who was appointed by BRSC President Wayne to chair a committee to draft BRSC coordinator duties and responsibilities and outline the BRSC bid process, reported that he had two volunteers to serve on the committee.  He also solicited volunteers from the floor.

Selection of destinations for 2007 Eurofest and Western Carnival

At the fall 03 meeting the Council selected two destinations each for 2007 Eurofest and Western Carnival with an anticipated final selection of the destinations at the spring 04 meeting.  The two areas selected for Eurofest were Davos and Schladming.  Pam, Fagowees, moved that the selection be table to the fall meeting until after a report from the Eurofest destination committee.  Peter, PSC, seconded, all in favor, the selection was tabled.  The two areas selected for consideration for Western Carnival were Banff/Lake Louise and Big Sky.  The Council selected Big Sky as the destination for the 2007 Western Carnival.


Bob, PVS, moved and Jeff, Moguls, seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy E. Cruise


Blue Ridge Ski Council  8/15/04