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Minutes of spring 2005 meeting

Marriott Hotel – North Bethesda, MD

Saturday, May 14, 2005



BRSC: Wayne Homens, President; Rae Ehlen, Vice President; Steve Peirce, Treasurer; Nancy Cruise, Secretary; Pentagon Ski Club (PSC): Dave O., Peter P., Ric N.; Columbia Ski Club (CSC): Tom S., Ron F., Steve P., Tom D.; Fredericksburg Ski Club (FSC): Mike R., Wally M.; Crabtowne Skiers: Molly H.; Fagowees Ski Club: Pam C., Stacy H., Carl H., Rhonda, S.; Baltimore Ski Club (BSC): Charlie S., C. Edward; Ski Club of Washington DC (SCWDC): Donna B., Judy B.; Potomac Valley Skiers (PVS): Charles H., Bob M., Dick C.; Capital Golden Skiers: Inge L.; Valley Ski Club: David G.

President Wayne Homens called the meeting to order at 8:10 a.m. and welcomed everyone. The BRSC Executive Committee members and club delegates introduced themselves.

Fredericksburg will host the fall meeting on Saturday, September 24.


.Stacy, Fagowees, moved and Molly, Crabtowne Skiers, seconded the motion to approve the minutes as amended. All were in favor. The motion was approved.

Treasurer's report

Treasurer Steve reported a checkbook account balance of $9858.07 and a savings account balance of $2637.67. Steve reported that BRSC had not yet received the payback from this year’s Western Carnival but said that he expected a loss of about $200.00 because of the Mardi Gras party expenses, which BRSC supplemented.

Committee Reports

Trip Sanctions

The only active trip sanction is Pentagon Ski Club’s trip to New Zealand. Wayne asked the delegates to provide him their trip sanctions as soon as possible. The Council discussed the trip sanctioning process and how to verify a person’s membership in a BRSC club. It was suggested that trip leaders contact club presidents to verify membership.

Internet Update

Wayne said that the BRSC needs a webmaster to start picking up his duties. He said that the web site needs a major overhaul. He asked the delegates to inquire within their respective clubs for volunteers. Wayne said that the web site costs approximately $100.00 a year to operate. BRSC made about $400.00 last year on sanctions so there was about a $300.00 profit.

Ski Safety

Wayne presented the ski recognition award to Baltimore Ski Club (BSC). The Council approved the award to the BSC at the fall 2004 meeting.

National Ski Council Federation

Wayne said that the Federation has found that clubs are not using the benefits that are available to them. Wayne encouraged the delegates to inform their club members about the benefits and to urge their club members to use them. Member benefits can be found at  A username and password are required to enter the Members area. They can be found on the special BRSC page. Wayne recommended that clubs contact vendors who provide services, e.g., ski rental, in advance of club trips in order to make reservations or to let the vendors know that they are coming and may use their services. The next Federation meeting will be held in September.

BRSC Trips Committee Report

Molly, Crabtowne Skiers, reported that the trips committee met and drafted up an action timeline for trip coordinators. Wayne said that he would provide copies to the delegates for discussion at a breakout session after lunch.

There was a question from the floor whether a destination committee was formed for Western Carnival. Wayne explained that a committee had been formed to choose recommended Eurofest destinations but not for Western Carnival. Wayne said that after the trips policy committee completes the policy portion of their charter, they might then look at area selection, trip coordinator selection, etc. Ric, PSC, said that the Eurofest destination committee would meet during the summer to select two proposed areas for 2008. Wayne said that if anyone is interested in serving on one of the committees they should contact Ric, PSC, for Eurofest or Bill S., CSC, for the trips committee.


Dave Olsen, PSC and 2005 Western Carnival race coordinator, had a handout available on the 2005 Western Carnival race results. He said that there had been about 60 percent participation. Dave presented the team competition trophy to the Pentagon Ski Club, which had won the team race competition. With no other nominations and no objections from the floor, Wayne appointed Dave as the race coordinator for the 2007 Western Carnival.
Old Business

2005 Western Carnival, Breckenridge, CO

On behalf of the Western Carnival trip coordinator Christopher Pukalski, Dan Ellis reported that 10 clubs participated in the Western Carnival with 343 participants. Dan said that the trip went very well and that the Mardi Gras party was very well received. BRSC supplemented the cost of the Mardi Gras party. Dan said that the Council would receive a $350.00 refund. Peter, PSC, recommended that in the future, the awards banquet should begin at an earlier time and that the presentations should be sped up if possible. Discussion followed on whether to continue to have door prizes. There was a suggestion to give prizes away at different events, not just the awards banquet. It was also suggested to hold the drawing for door prizes during the banquet meal. Wayne asked the Council for a show of hands for those who would like to do away with the door prizes or continue with them. The majority of the club delegates indicated that they would like to continue having door prizes.

New Business

2006 Western Carnival Trip, Sun Valley, Idaho, January 21-28, 2006

Donna Brothers, SCWDC, and trip coordinator reported that 10 clubs are signed up with approximately 351 participants. Wayne said that some of the clubs would be charged an additional fuel surcharge because of the airport they are using. Wayne said that he sent out a blind e-mail asking clubs whether the cost should be spread across the board to all clubs or be borne only by the affected clubs. He received 5-6 responses stating that only the clubs affected should bear the cost. Wayne entertained a motion to make it a policy of BRSC for the Sun Valley trip that any fuel or other additional charges levied by the airlines be the responsibility of the affected clubs. Peter, PSC, said that no policy was needed because BRSC does not have a contract with the tour operator; that contracts are between the individual clubs and the tour operator; and that each club has different costs for airlines, lodging, etc. The Council consensus was that no policy was needed. Donna said that the race and après ski party might be held at Dollar Mountain because access to the racecourse at Sun Valley might be difficult for novice skiers. The Council discussed the pros and cons of holding the race and après ski party at Dollar Mountain. Peter, PSC, recommended that the issue be tabled until the fall meeting. Dan Ellis said he would present more information at the fall meeting. Wayne asked the delegates to address the issue with their clubs and said that the Council will discuss it further at the fall meeting.

Wayne told the Council that Dan Ellis had changed companies. He is now with Winter Ski and Sport (WSS) instead of Rocky Mountain Tours (RMT). Wayne said that BRSC had originally accepted the bid from RMT for the 2006 Western Carnival to Sun Valley and that he was concerned there might be liability issues. Dan Ellis explained that he had changed companies; BRSC does not have a contract in place with RMT; Dan has no non-compete agreement in place with RMT; RTM has not compensated him for setting up the BRSC trip; and there is no money involved with the clubs as yet. Dan felt there would not be any liability issues. There was a question from the floor as to whether BRSC should officially contact RMT to make sure there are no issues. Wayne said he would look into it and report back at the fall meeting.

2006 Eurofest, Val D’Gardena, Italy, March 3-11, 2006

Peter Porton, PSC and Eurofest coordinator, and Judy Miller, GTU, reported on the status of the Eurofest trip. Judy anticipated there would be about 250 participants.

Wayne said that he received two applications for trip coordinators. Wayne appointed Ric Nauen, PSC, as trip coordinator for 2007 Eurofest to Schladming and Kitty Imdahl, CSC, as trip coordinator for 2007 Western Carnival to Big Sky.

The Council broke for lunch at 11:45 p.m. and reconvened after lunch.

Peter, PSC, introduced the second speaker, Kevin Pannel with Disabled Sports USA, who spoke about their programs for disabled persons. Their web site address is

There was a question from the floor whether the Council should choose a destination for Western Carnival 2008. Wayne said he would like the issue to be addressed in the breakout session, and then brought back to the Council for decision.

Tom, FSC, suggested that BRSC write RMT informing them of the switch to Winter Ski and Sport (WSS). Tom, FSC, moved that BRSC select Winter Ski and Sport as the vendor for the 2006 Western Carnival. C. Edward, BSC, seconded the motion. All were in favor. The motion was approved. Discussion continued on whether to contact RMT. Wayne said he would take both sides under advisement and take the action he deems appropriate.

Peter, PSC, moved that the Eurofest destination committee come up with two areas for 2008 Eurofest for decision by the Council at the fall meeting. Carl, Fagowees, seconded the motion. All were in favor. The motion was approved.


The two candidates for Vice President were each granted 5 minutes to address the Council. Each Club was allowed three votes.

Vice President Rae moved that the Council accept Valley Ski Club as a member of the Blue Ridge Ski Council. Charlie, BSC, seconded the motion. David, Valley Ski Club, gave a brief overview of his ski club. The vote was called. All were in favor. The motion was approved.

Wayne introduced guest speaker, Mary Jo Tarallo, SnowSports Industries America, who spoke about their new program Winter Feels Good. Web address is:

Dave, PSC, moved that the Council elect by acclimation incumbents Steve Peirce, Treasurer, and Nancy Cruise, Secretary. Judy, SCWDC, seconded the motion. All were in favor. The motion was approved. Wayne announced that the Council had elected Peter Porton as Vice President. Wayne thanked the outgoing Vice President Rae Ehlen for his years as the BRSC Vice President.


At 1:40 p.m. the Council broke into breakout sessions. The three breakout sessions were the President’s forum, the trips committee forum, and the two 2006 BRSC trips forum. After reconvening at 3:20 p.m., each forum chairperson gave a brief overview of the issues discussed in their respective forums.

Judy Miller spoke briefly about the 2006 Western Carnival. Peter, PSC, reported on the President’s forum, which recommended that each club be prepared at the fall meeting to address how their club is corporately structured, e.g., incorporation, insurance, IRS/taxes, and trip leader remuneration.

Molly, Crabtowne Skiers, reported on the trips committee forum. Molly said that the forum members discussed and tweaked the action timelines that were passed out to the Council. Molly will give the corrections approved by the committee to Bill S., CSC, for inclusion in the action timelines. Bill will e-mail the new version to Wayne who will e-mail it to the Council delegates. Wayne presented the trips committee recommended destinations for the 2008 Western Carnival and the suggested vendors to send bids to for the 2007 Western Carnival and Eurofest. Molly said that the trips committee recommends that the bid letter requests be sent out with a choice of both recommended resorts, which are Steamboat and Vail, in order to foster competition between the resorts.

The Council discussed the pros and cons of soliciting bids for two destinations. The following pros were cited: competition between resorts might lower the cost; if a resort is booked for the requested week, there would be a second choice to fall back on; and Peter, PSC, said that tour operators have told him it’s a good idea in order to foster competition. Cons cited were: it might take more time during meetings for the Council to compare bids and make a decision; clubs won’t know until closer to the trip where BRSC is going, which might conflict with their schedules; people sometimes volunteer to be a trip coordinator based on the destination; and Wayne said that tour operators have told him that resorts just quote their current price and then the vendors up the cost by a percentage. Wayne said that the resorts can’t give competitive prices two years out.

C. Edwards, BSC, moved that the Council continue with a two-destination option at this time for a final decision at a future meeting. Rhonda, Fagowees, seconded the motion. Discussion followed. The vote was 10 for and 10 against. Wayne broke the tie with a no vote. The motion was defeated.

Bob, PVS, moved that the two options be taken back to the clubs with recommendations to be brought back to the Council in the fall for decision. Charlie, BSC, seconded the motion. The majority of the vote was for the motion. The motion was approved.

The trip committee recommended the following three tour operators to send bid letters to for the 2007 Western Carnival: (names removed for privacy) Bob M., PVS, moved to accept the three tour operators. Peter, PSC, seconded the motion. All were in favor. The motion was passed.

Four vendors were presented to the Council for the 2007 Eurofest to Schladming. The Council selected the following three vendors to send bid request letters to: (names removed for privacy).

Ric, PSC, said that at the fall meeting the Eurofest committee will present four areas for consideration by the Council for 08 and 09 Eurofest. Bob, PVS, recommended that the list of four areas be sent to the clubs prior to the fall meeting. Ric said he would get the list to Wayne for dissemination prior to the fall meeting.

Rhonda, Fagowees, moved, and Judy, SCWDC, seconded the motion that the meeting be adjourned. The meeting was adjourned at 4:22 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy E. Cruise


Blue Ridge Ski Council Date: June 30, 2005