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Minutes of Fall 2000 Meeting

Sheraton Barcelo Hotel, Annapolis MD

Saturday September 23rd, 2000


BRSC: Wayne Homens, President; Natalie Gabler, Vice President; Candy Levin, Treasurer;

Nancy Cruise, Secretary and Fagowees Rep; Richmond:  Glen Young, Mary Sullivan; Fredericksburg:  Dennis Chin, Jodi Ehlen, Rae Ehlen; Capital Golden Skiers Golden Skiers:  Inge Lesjak, John Matthews; Pentagon:  Steve Peirce, Dave Olsen, Peter Porton; Columbia:  Richard Krell, Bill Eskew, Kitty Imdahl, Bill Schroedel; Baltimore:  Robin B. Dodd, Jackie Harris, Catherine Homens; Southern MD:  Bob Gray, Denise Gray, Barbara Flynn, Melissa Zalesak; Harford: Kim Fleischmann; Salisbury:  Edward Torbert, Barbara Marshall; Air Force:  John La Jeunesse; Crabtowne:  Nate Boring, Don Chase, Garrison Millman, Nancy Waddington, George Curran; PVS:  Serge Triau, Charles Huggins, Dina Taylor, Marvin Hass; SCWDC:  John Veen; Mogul:

Larry Arnette,  Jeff Harper; WSI:  Sam Mantis; BARS:  Kate Hayes

Approval of Minutes. 

Approval of Minutes.  One correction to minutes, add George Curran as Crabtowne rep, George Curran moved and Robin Dodd seconded approval of the minutes.  All in favor.  Motion approved.

President Wayne Homens called the meeting to order at 9:25 a.m.  Wayne welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked everyone for taking time off for the weekend to spend with BRSC. 

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer's Report.   Candy Levin reported $1236.71 in the savings account.  She stated that she expected that after paying bills presented and processing checks collected during the meeting there would be approximately $3500.00 in the checking account. Candy gave a quick rundown of clubs who paid and owe sanction checks and membership renewal dues. 


Ski show.  Peter Porton reported that the Fred Zedeck ski show will be held 3-5 November, Ballston Commons, VA.  Usual format.

 PSIA.  Wayne reported he had not heard from PSIA.  No report.

Ski-O-Ree.  Peter Porton explained that the SCWDC would run Ski-O-Ree as one of their trips and that all clubs would be able to participate.  SCWDC will post information on the trip on their webpage.

Ski Patrol.  On behalf of Keith Argow, Wayne presented the Ski Patrol report.  Their ski season is already underway.  Held Southern Div fall officers meeting in August, two outdoor emergency care training course got under way in September, in Oct five emergency care refresher courses will be conducted in the region followed by on the hill or on the trail refreshers, and patrollers are now signing for their duty day and nights to assure that all areas are fully staffed throughout the ski season.  Keith thanks BRSC for its past financial support specifically for the CRP training and annual CPR refresher requirements.  Keith is available to member clubs for a ski patrol program/safety reminder at upcoming meetings.  Telephone number:  1-800-476-8733.

2002 Eurofest.  Cathy Homens outlined the bids she had received for Eurofest 2002.  Cathy asked the trips committee and/or council to consider several items, the first was how accommodations would be selected--whether first come/first serve or as a lottery, second whether to add a $5. or $10. council fee, and last whether to include trip insurance as a council or do it on a club-by-club basis.  Cathy said that the lift tickets were not included in the prices quoted.  The council selected the JTM bid for Chamonix.  Dates March 8-16, 2002.


2002 Western Carnival.  Peter Porton reported he had received several bid packages from different vendors for both Banff and Snowmass and he outlined them to the council.  The council selected Banff (24 to 8) as the destination.  The council selected GTU as the vendor.  Dates February 2-9, 2002.

 Ski Safety.  

Ski Safety Award.  Wayne asked for nominations to be presented at the spring 01 meeting for voting at the fall meeting. 

Trip Sanctions.   

Trip Sanctions.  Wayne reported that there were 33 trip sanctions on the web page.  Nate Boring moved and Wayne second to approve the trip sanctions.  All in favor, motion approved.    

Internet Update.  

Internet Update.  Wayne reported that BRSC is growing on the web.  He started keeping records last February and as of September the site had received over 1100 visits.  Wayne said that ski clubs are becoming interested in BRSC because of the web presence.  He had received a registration from Cumberland Valley Ski Club in PA.  He said other councils are asking to be added to the BRSC page and that vendors are going to the BRSC page to find other councils.


Racing. Dave Olsen reported that there were no new changes to the race rules for this coming winter.  Prior to last ski season the Council approved to keep the BRSC up-to-date with the NASTAR rules program.  He explained that NASTAR changed to a 5-year age category for handicap calculation, which would be in effect for calculating handicaps for BRSC, but that BRSC would continue to award medals/prizes based on the 10-year age groups.  Dave said NASTAR is now maintaining a website and posting results and that last year they started using a new software program that interacts with the resorts to post results but that they had some problems with software compatibility with the resorts.  They have also added into the software team racing results.  Dave said that NASTAR hoped the software would be compatible this year.  Question from Glenn Young, Richmond, whether Dave was the BRSC race coordinator.  Dave explained that there was not an official BRSC race coordinator position.  He had been selected on several past trips as well as the 2001 Western Carnival to coordinate the racing.  He has also had a lot of input into developing the BRSC race rules and has been the unofficial spokesperson.  Glenn asked whether trip participants who didn’t race would receive refunds.  Dave said no that it’s part of the package.  Glenn asked where the money for the prizes come from.  Dave explained that BRSC awards plaques to top club teams and top racers and neck medallions to all the winners in all age groups. The funds came from the BRSC per person add-on (currently $5.00) that is collected by the broker.  BRSC does not purchase merchandize for prizes.  Merchandize is usually solicited by the trip coordinator as donations from resorts, etc.  Glenn asked if NASTAR required the wear of helmets.  Dave said no. Natalie Gabler recommended that BRSC encourage the use of helmets for racing.  Discussion followed on whether to require helmet use for racing with BRSC.  Many reps voiced the opinion that the race was not hardcore, just for fun and that there were many first time racers;.  Wayne summed up saying that in the future as the resorts move towards the requirement of wearing helmets so would BRSC consider changing race rules.


Sam Mantis, WSI, reported that the schedule for the coming season was available.  Sam said it was WSI’s 24th year, there are 14 races scheduled, he explained the race program, and encouraged everyone to participate.


2001 Western Carnival, Telluride CO, 3-10 February 2001.   Nancy Cruise reported that the Telluride page was on the web.  There are 8 clubs signed up with a projected 303 participants.


2001 Eurofest, Grindelwald, Switzerland, 9-17 March 2001.  Bill Eskew reported that the trip was 75 percent full.  There are 227 available spots and 170 confirmed participants from 8 clubs. 


Wayne addressed the issue of clubs committing to attend BRSC meetings and then not showing up resulting in BRSC paying the shortfall in meeting fees. Wayne read the following proposed options drafted by Kate Hayes:  1.  Individual clubs are responsible for unrecoverable expenses, which result from last minute cancellations and no shows.   This applies even to clubs where delegates pay personally.  2.  The delegate calling after the published deadline will pay an additional fee, which will help defray costs and encourage clubs to commit earlier.  Wayne read the following proposed policy drafted by Dave Olsen:  The host club for each regular BRSC spring and fall meeting shall establish a cancellation date and time consistent with contracts they have with the catering and meeting facilities.  Delegates reserving space at the meeting who subsequently do not attend and who fail to provide proper notice prior to the cancellation date, may be charged a cancellation fee.  If payment was made in advance, the cancellation fee will be withheld from any refund otherwise due.  If payment was promised but not paid in advance, the delegate or the delegate’s club (if necessary), will be billed for the cancellation fee.  The cancellation fee may be less than the normal participation cost, depends on the actual cancellation costs incurred by the host club.  This cancellation policy and the cancellation date shall be clearly stated on the meeting reservation form for each meeting.


Peter Porton expressed his concern that by charging cancellation fees BRSC might be punishing individuals for circumstances beyond their control.  Wayne said he felt a policy was necessary in order to get clubs to commit in a timely manner.  Discussion followed.  Candy Levin moved and George Curran seconded to approve the proposed cancellation policy as drafted by Dave Olsen.  All in favor.  Motion approved.


Trip Committee.  The trip committee’s recommendations were provided to the council.  Natalie Gabler asked for a motion and George Curren moved that the eleven items be voted on line-by-line after the afternoon breakout session.  Jackie Harris seconded.  Garrison Millman moved that the motion be amended to include in the vote any amendments made during the breakout session.  George concurred in the amendment.  Discussion followed.  Wayne called for the vote.  18 for/15 against.  Motion approved.


The executive committee and council representatives introduced themselves and the council broke for lunch at 11:30 a.m.  The council reconvened at 12:30 p.m.


Natalie Gabler recommended that a by-laws committee be appointed.  Wayne said that appointment of a committee is up to the discretion of the President.  Wayne said he felt that the current by-laws need refreshing and review and would like to see a committee formed to do that but prior to that he would like the trip committee to finish and maybe a policy committee formed after that and then maybe a by-laws committee.


Natalie Gabler challenged the results of the voting for the trip coordinators for the 2002 trips and asked for a revote.  Wayne Homens said he like to bring up a point of order.  He stated that the President of BRSC is given the designation to appoint committees which includes coordinators for ski trips. Because Cathy Homens was the only person he had initially received a resume from, Wayne said he solicited inputs from the clubs in the form of a vote on who would make a good coordinator from the three resumes he had to choose from.  All got good votes and support.  The top person on the list was Cathy Homens, the original person he had received the resume from.  After the vote he announced Cathy as coordinator.  Wayne stated she would do a good job and so would have the other two candidates.  Wayne said if any of the clubs wished to know how they voted, he’d give them the results.


Wayne said he would like to discuss the continuing problem of lodging on BRSC trips.  He stated that there are only a few places that can accommodate the entire council trip and that by time many of the clubs have the trip approved, the choice properties are already taken.  Wayne proposed that the trips breakout group try to come up with areas that can accommodate the entire council in one property.  Also Wayne asked the club reps to bring to the fall meeting ideas for places to go in 2003.

Breakout seasons:  1.  BRSC trips; 2.  Insurance, membership, club business; 3.  trips committee/policy; 4:  President’s forum.


Peter Proton said a handout was available on notes from the National Ski Council Federation meeting held in September of which BRSC is a founding member.  There are currently 23 ski council members of the Federation.  Their website is accessible through the BRSC website.  Items discussed during the meeting were insurance, lawsuits, and club dues, policies and procedures.

Steve Peirce moved that BRSC double its current dues paid by clubs.  Natalie Gabler second.  Discussion followed.  Current dues for clubs are 15 cents per person for the number of members as of 31 March of the current year up to $35.00 per club.  Cathy Homens moved that dues be  $50.00 for clubs with over 100 members and $35.00 for clubs with under 100 members.  Robin Dodd seconded.  Question from the floor whether more money is required by BRSC and where would it go.  Peter Porton moved that the motion be table until the spring meeting until the treasurer could present a report on current status of the treasury.  Dave Olsen seconded.  Motion to table was approved.


The council broke into discussion groups at 2:30 and reconvened at 3:30.

 Ski Trips Committee.  Natalie Gabler reported that that the committee agreed that Natalie would rework the committee’s proposal as modified during the breakout session.  She would then send it out to the clubs for comment.   Another committee meeting was scheduled for October 29th  and she encouraged attendance by club reps.  Nancy Cruise moved that the earlier motion to approve the committee’s proposal line-by-line be tabled to the next meeting.  Natalie seconded.  All in favor.


President’s Forum.  Kate Hayes reported that the members of the president’s forum discussed what the clubs wanted from BRSC.  Answers were: identifying solutions to problems, sharing information, identifying sources of information, and looking for guidance.  They also discussed problems with declining memberships in some of the clubs.  Suggestions were made for clubs to focus on their strengths instead of weaknesses and maximize their use of the web and other forms of communications.


Club Activities Discussion Group.  Garrison Millman reported that the group discussed insurance and membership.  Under insurance they discussed three different kinds, insurance for directors and officers, liability for the clubs, and trip insurance.  The group also discussed ways to advertise for membership.  Some suggestions were the web, newspapers, sports shops, flyers on cars with ski racks, etc.


Wayne said he would like to redesign the BRSC web page and asked clubs and their webmasters to submit suggestions.


Robin Dodd volunteered to chair the election committee.  Fredericksburg volunteered to host the spring meeting on May 5.  Wayne asked for volunteers to serve on a committee to review the by-laws. 


The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy E. Cruise  03/12/01


Blue Ridge Ski Council                                    


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