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Minutes of Fall 2002 Meeting

Courtyard by Marriott, Gaithersburg, MD

Saturday, September 21, 2002


BRSC: Wayne Homens, President; Steve Peirce, Treasurer; Nancy Cruise, Secretary; Pentagon Ski Club: Dave Olsen, Peter Porton; Columbia Ski Club: Kitty Imdahl, Gary Prestianni, Bill Schroedel, Kevin Smith; Fredericksburg Ski Club: Mike Redding, Bob Schwab; Crabtowne Skiers: Pete Chambliss, Molly Hochman, Nancy Waddington; Fagowees Ski Club: Pam Chewning; Baltimore Ski Club: Bruce Eichen, Joe Herbert, Daniel Van Gelder; Harford Ski Club: Chris Breidenbaugh, Zermain Breidenbaugh; Ski Club of Washington DC: Gene Lewis, Jerri Held; Southern MD Ski Club: Gary Sunderland; Potomac Valley Skiers: Glade Flake, Charles Huggins, Sara Huggins, John Pulos, John Smith; Salisbury: Edward Torbert; HQ USAF Winter: Dave Gurtner, John LaJeunesse. Guests: Cindy Bailey (Stowe), Aida Idrizi (GTU), Sam Mantis (WSI), Judy Miller (GTU), Paul Webber (Mid Atlantic Ski Travel Show), Fred Zedeck (Ski Show - Dulles Expo Center).


President Wayne Homens called the meeting to order at 8:56 a.m. and welcomed everyone. The attendees introduced themselves.

 Approval of Minutes. 

Peter Porton moved the council approve the minutes of the spring 2002 minutes. The motion was seconded by John LaJeunesse and approved by the council.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Steve Peirce reported that there was a checkbook balance of $6576.94 and a savings account balance of $2605.73 for a total of $9182.67 . Steve said he talked with the bank and was able to maintain the savings account at a minimum balance without incurring extra charges. Pam Chewning moved and Bill Schroedel seconded approval of the treasurer’s report. All were in favor. The motion was approved.


Fred Zedeck, producer of the National Ski and Snowboard Expo, announced that he had joined forces with another individual and that they would be bringing a ski and golf expo to Baltimore, November 15-17 at the Timonium Fairgrounds. The Washington expo will be expanded this year and will include golf. Dates for the expo is November 8-10 and will be held at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly

Wayne reported that no one had offered to help on the web site so the site remains about the same except on the trip sanction page. Currently there are approximately 30 trip sanctions. Wayne reminded the council that trip sanctions would not be posted on the web until he received notification from the treasurer that the sanction fees had been paid. Wayne said that the council site was receiving 70-80 hits per day. Wayne asked the council for volunteers to work on the web site. Wayne also asked for articles of interest from the clubs for posting on the web site. Wayne said that BRSC can set up a club web page and also create mail forwarding for clubs.

Wayne said he had received only one resume for the 2004 Western Carnival coordinator position. The resume was from Steve Peirce, who Wayne felt was qualified for the position so he appointed Steve as the coordinator. Wayne said he had received two resumes for the 2004 Eurofest coordinator position. Each candidate was allowed 5 minutes to present their qualifications to the council. By ballot, the council voted Bill Schroedel as the 2004 Western Carnival coordinator.

Wayne stated that a hot topic of discussion at the Ski Federation meeting was on ski council and ski federation ethics. Wayne asked the clubs whether they had a written policy on code of ethics. Wayne said that the ski federation is currently putting together its code of ethics and will share them with the councils once completed. One of the other major topics at ski federation was on “seller of travel.” The council briefly discussed how the seller of travel regulations might affect ski clubs. Wayne said the information was important to the clubs and offered to discuss it further during breakout sessions. He said the information will be posted on the ski federation web site at A lot of the information will be posted on a members only page accessible by a password. Wayne said that clubs could contact him for the password. In the future scoring/grading pages will be added for councils/clubs to rate tour operators, ski areas, lodging, bus companies, etc. there will be a page open to the public on club ratings.

For the spring meeting, Wayne asked that if anyone was interested, to send him a resume for the Breckenridge 2005 Winter Western Carnival coordinator position. The 2006 Western Carnival will be held in Sun Valley. Wayne entertained suggestions from the council for locations for Eurofest 2005. Areas suggested were: Zurs/Lech; Morzine; Val Gardena; Trois Vallees; and Val d’Isere. Area to be selected in the afternoon. Steve Peirce, the 2004 Western Carnival Coordinator, said that if the council agreed to a different week for Snowmass, then previously agreed upon, that the cost would be significantly less -- approximately $300.00. He would like to have some alternate dates to bring back to the council. Current dates of the Western Carnival are first full week in February. Dave Olsen moved that the council allow the dates to slip one week earlier or one week later for the coordinator to use in the bid process. Pete Chambliss seconded the motion. One opposed/rest in favor. The motion was approved. The council agreed to leave the dates, for 2004 Eurofest as the first full week in March. Dave Olsen asked for clarification when the exact dates the first full week in February and the first full week in March started. Wayne asked the council to discuss among themselves and that the question would be brought up later in the meeting.

Wayne had not received any ski safety award nominations.

Wayne asked if anyone had heard from PSIA, no report was available.

Sam Mantis reported that there would be a WSI race every Saturday and Sunday starting January 4th through February 15th. One change to the scheduled this year will be a weekend at WISP. Sam gave a run down of the WSI race program, said that the race was open to everyone, and encouraged clubs to participate. The schedule is posted on the web site.

Dave Olsen, 2003 Winter Western Carnival Race Coordinator, reported that the race at Tahoe would be held at Alpine Meadows and will be a NASTAR race. Dave said that there are no proposed rule changes therefore the race will be operated under the existing rules. Copies of the rules were available for the council members. Dave asked that the trip leaders have their racers register on-line with NASTAR

Wayne explained that at the spring meeting the council had decided to pursue organizing a ski group type of show. Paul Webber, who organized the show last year, told Wayne that he planned to do the same for the coming year. Wayne said he had corresponded with a couple of the people who had volunteered to help out and the consensus was to postpone BRSC work on a show to see how things work out with Paul Webber. Wayne introduced Paul, who explained that there is no longer a ski group. Last year after ski group cancelled their show, the industry asked Paul to put together the Washington, Philadelphia and Boston shows, which Paul put together in approximately 10 days. This year the Philadelphia show will be on May 1st, and the mid-Atlantic ski travel show will be on Saturday, May 3rd at the BWI Embassy Suites. He is expecting to have 60 vendors at BWI and it will be a tabletop show. The show hours will probably be 11:00-3:00. Prior to the show at about 9:30 a.m. will be a trip leader training session. There was a question from the floor about why the shows could not be held in the fall since most clubs have already planned their next year’s ski season by May. Paul said that the vendors are involved in consumer shows and have other commitments in the fall. He suggested that clubs attend the spring show looking out two seasons.

Wayne gave the council a brief history of ski-o-ree and said that SCWDC was attempting to resurrect the ski-o-ree. He said that Stowe was very interested in getting the council back up to New England. Wayne introduced Cindy Bailey from Stowe, who presented a proposal for a trip to Stowe in 2004. Discussion ensued on means of travel. Consensus of the council was to fly and do a mid-week, Sunday to Friday package. Stowe’s race program is NASTAR qualified. Cindy entertained suggestions from the floor on items to be included in the package.

Wayne discussed the National Ski Federation and what it can do for ski clubs. One benefit is discounts and Wayne listed the current discounts available. Wayne said the discounts will be available on the web site.


The council broke for lunch at 11:40 a.m. and reconvened at 12:57 p.m.

Wayne asked the council for names of proposed vendors to receive bid letters for the Western Carnival 2004. The council recommended GTU, Lynx, Rocky Mountain Tours, and Alpine Consultants. For Europe the council recommended Central Holiday, GTU, Adventures on Skis, and Ski Europe.


Wayne reported on the National Ski Council Federation meeting. He stated there are 24 councils in the federation, representing about 330, 000 skiers. Richard Davidson made a presentation on travel. Two items of interest were that one, the airlines are no longer commissioning airline tickets, which means the travel agents will be adding an airline ticket cutting fees and two, airlines are limiting changes to airline tickets, particularly group tickets. Wayne stated that some of the on-line ticket sites are now offering group tickets and travel. Another issue covered at the meeting was ski injury waivers. The lawyer said that waivers should have a clause pertaining to “in the state of” e.g., “the laws of the state of Maryland apply to this waiver. If the statement is not included, a club/and or individual might be sued in the state where the incident occurred, not where the waiver was signed. If a club is a multi-state club, they should choose the state that has the better liability laws. Wayne said that some states do not allow a parent to sign away an underage child’s right, which means that clubs could be liable for injury to underage participants in races. Discussion followed on whether BRSC should exclude underage participants from the BRSC race. Issue will be discussed during breakout session and brought back to the council for a decision. Wayne said that most of the other council’s were more active than the BRSC. He asked if clubs would be interested in getting together for more activities, e.g., softball, golf tournament, etc. Peter Porton opined that instead of organizing more activities, that the clubs become more active on working the issues such as insurance.

Judy Miller, GTU, introduced her assistant Aida, who will assist on the 2003 Winter Western Carnival to Tahoe and the 2003 Eurofest to Innsbruck. Judy reported on the status of both trips. Judy recommended that participants take out trip insurance.

Wayne polled the council for their choices for the 2005 and 2006 EuroFests. The council voted on Trois Vales, France for 2005 and Val Gardena, Italy for 2006. Wayne said he would be taking resumes for coordinators for 2005 Winterfest and Eurofest for the spring meeting.

On the topic of insurance, Wayne said that one club paid their officer’s $65.00 to up their homeowners insurance personal liability. On the topic of a council directory/roster, one suggestion was to have it on the web vice a hardcopy roster. One suggestion was to publish a flyer with club addresses and points of contact to display at ski shops. Wayne asked for a volunteer. No one volunteered.

Wayne stated that he felt the council spent too much time during meetings talking about the two trips, which he said should be an off-shoot of the meeting and that we should get back into what the council needs to exchange with each other. Wayne said he would send the clubs information on insurance, what to add to their waivers, more information on the ski federation, and the web site. The issue with GTU will be discussed in a session after the meeting is adjourned.

Wayne polled the council on whether to have a one or a 2-day meeting in the spring. Consensus was to have a 2-day format with the business portion on Sunday. Crabtowne volunteered to host in Annapolis, May 17-18.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy E. Cruise


Blue Ridge Ski Council 2/14/03