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Minutes of Fall 2003 Meeting


Minutes of fall 2003 meeting

Columbia Hilton

Columbia, MD

Sunday, October 19, 2003


BRSC: Wayne, President; Rae, Vice President; Steve, Treasurer; Nancy, Secretary; Pentagon Ski Club: Dave, Peter, Ric; Columbia Ski Club: Kitty, Ron, Barry, Bill, Gary, Kevin; Fredericksburg Ski Club: Mike, Jodi, Nancy; Crabtowne Skiers: Molly, Nancy, Cheryl; Fagowees Ski Club: Pam, Carl; Baltimore Ski Club: Bruce, Christopher, Mike, Daniel; Harford Ski Club: Chris, Zermain; Ski Club of Washington DC: Donna, Judy; Southern MD Ski Club: Sal, Pam, Nancy; Potomac Valley Skiers: Charles, Glade; Little Heiskell: Betsy; Goddard: Harvey; Sun/Snow/Surf: Eric; Four Seasons: Bob; HQ Air Force: John.

President Wayne called the meeting to order at 8:34 a.m. and welcomed everyone. Wayne asked the Council whether it preferred having the fall meeting in October. One comment was that there were a lot of ski swaps and sales during October. The Council consensus was that September was the better month. Wayne stated that there were three clubs that had either rejoined or joined the Council for the first time. They are Goddard, SSS, and Four Seasons travelers. Each club’s rep gave a brief rundown on their respective club. The Council meeting attendees introduced themselves during the committee reports portion of the meeting.

Executive Committee Reports


Rae, Vice President, moved that the minutes be approved as corrected on the web. Pam, Fagowees, seconded. All were in favor.

Treasurer’s report

Treasurer Steve reported that a checkbook balance of approximately $7000.00 and a savings account balance of approximately $2600.00. Dave, Pentagon Ski Club (PSC), asked why the rebate money from the past two Council trips didn’t show up on the report. Steve said he would check into it. There was a question from the floor on what is done with the sanction money collected. Wayne answered that most of the money goes to maintaining the web site. Wayne asked Steve to rework the report and said it would be e-mailed it out to the Council.

Committee Reports


Wayne explained the trip sanctioning process. The fee to sanction a trip is $10.00 and must be paid before the trip can be posted to the BRSC web site. The benefits to clubs for sanctioning trips include the possibility of acquiring new members and filling a trip. Wayne said that if a club does not have a web presence, he will add a page to the BRSC site.

Wayne relayed to the Council an account of a possible identity theft attempt by someone using a person’s name obtained from the BRSC minutes posted on the web site. He cautioned the clubs about using last names on their web sites and said that BRSC would also be more careful about identifying individuals.

Ski shows

Fred Zedeck, producer of the National Ski and Snowboard Expo, reported on the upcoming expo which will be held November 7-9 at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly and will cost $10.00, which includes the Warren Miller movie and a one year subscription to one of three magazines. Peter, PSC, volunteered PSC to distribute at the expo a flyer with BRSC member club’s contact information, if the flyers were provided to him.

Kitty, Columbia Ski Club (CSC), on behalf of Paul Webber, reported that the Mid-Atlantic Ski Travel Show will be held on May 1 in the Hilton Hotel in Silver Spring, MD. The format will be a 10:30-11:45 a.m. trip leader session, a 12:00-3:30 p.m. ballroom show to meet the vendors, and a 3:30-5:00 p.m. party with door prizes. Ric, PSC, will coordinate a pub-crawl for Friday night, April 30th.


No report was available from PSIA.

The ASIA representative was unable to attend the meeting. Ric, PSC, briefly spoke about the ASIA program. Nearest certification program is at Montage. Ric made some promotional material available to the Council. Website is Wayne said that links to ASIA, PSIA, and NASTAR are on the BRSC front web page.


Sam, Washington Ski International (WSI), reported on the WSI program, which is open to everyone. There will be 14 races at different locations each weekend. A 2004 race scheduled was made available to the Council.

Dave, PSC and 2004 Western Carnival Race Coordinator, explained the changes he made to the BRSC race rules. Copies of the updated rules were made available to the Council. Dave moved that the updated race rules be approved by the Council. The motion was seconded by Dan, Baltimore Ski Club (BSC). All were in favor. Dave reported on the upcoming Western Carnival race and a flyer on the race was made available to the Council.

National Ski Council Federation

Wayne explained that BRSC became a charter member of the National Ski Council Federation about 5 years ago. The Federation is now comprised of 25 ski Councils representing over 350,000 skiers and meets once a year to discuss matters relating to the ski industry. BRSC pays $100.00 a year to maintain its membership in the Federation. Wayne report on the Federation meeting that was held in August. Wayne said that one of the best things to come out of the Federation is the new benefits that have been added. There is a link on the BRSC web site to the benefits list.

Ski Safety

Wayne explained the BRSC ski safety award nomination process. There were no nominations.

Old Business

Ski-O-Ree. Pam, Fagowees Ski Club, said a flyer was available on the Fagowee’s Stowe trip in April. Wayne explained that if the April trip was a success, Pam will bring it back to BRSC for decision on whether to offer it as a Council trip.

Steve, PSC and 2004 Western Carnival coordinator, provided the Council a handout on the planned activities at Snowmass/Aspen, Colorado, January 24-31, 2004. He said that the head count exceeds 330 people. Doug Horstman, Alpine Group Consultants, gave a status report on the planned activities and other pertinent information.

Bill, CSC and 2004 EuroFest coordinator, provided the Council an update on the trip to Cortina, Italy, February 27 -March 6, 2004. Currently there are four clubs participating, Baltimore, Ski Club of Washington DC (SCWDC), Potomac Valley Skiers (PVS) and CSC, with a total of 150-160 people. Judy Miller, Group Trips Unlimited, gave a status report on the planned activities and other pertinent information.

Internet update

Wayne said he had made some changes to the web site. He said the number of visits to the site has been declining. As of September the site had averaged about 43 visitors per day.

New Business

Christopher, BSC and 2005 Western Carnival coordinator, presented the three bids he had received for the 2005 Western Carnival trip to Breckenridge, CO, February 5-12, 2005. The Council discussed the bid proposals. Wayne asked the Council to discuss the proposals over lunch and to be prepared to vote after the Council reconvenes after lunch.

Ric, PSC and 2005 EuroFest coordinator, explained that one of the vendors approved by the Council to receive bid letters for the 2005 EuroFest in Meribel (Tres Vallees), March 4-12, 2005, claimed that they had not received the bid letter and therefore had not submitted a bid by the deadline. Ric explained his attempts to send the vendor the letter, which they acknowledged receipt of earlier in this week. Ric asked the Council for guidance whether to proceed with the bid acceptance process. The Council discussed the issue. Glade, PVS, moved, and Bill, CSC, seconded the motion to proceed with the bids that have been received for 2005 EuroFest. All were in favor. Ric discussed the three bid proposals with the Council. Donna, SCWDC, moved to accept the Ski Europe proposal, Mike, BSC, seconded the motion. Molly, Crabtowne Skiers, moved to table the motion until after lunch, Pam, Fagowees, seconded the motion. Two opposed, the majority in favor, the motion was tabled until after the lunch break.

The Council broke for lunch at 12:20 p.m. and reconvened at 1:10 p.m.

Ric, PSC, suggested that in the future the BRSC try to schedule its spring meeting in conjunction with Paul Webber’s Mid-Atlantic Ski Travel Show. The Council agreed to Saturday, May 15, for the date of the spring 2004 meeting. Fagowees will host.


The position of BRSC President is up for election at the spring 2004 meeting. Wayne appointed Rae, Vice President, as chairman of the election committee. Peter, PSC, volunteered to serve on the election committee. Anyone who wished to serve on the election committee was asked to contact Rae.

2005 Western Carnival

Bill, CSC, moved and Kevin, CSC, seconded the motion that the Council have a straw vote for the vendor for the 2005 Western Carnival. No objections were voiced from the Council. The majority of the votes were for Rocky Mountain Tours. Christopher, BSC, moved, and Zermain, Harford, seconded to accept Rocky Mountain Tour’s bid for the 2005 Western Carnival, Breckenridge, CO, February 5-12, 2005. Four opposed, majority in favor, motion carried.

2005 EuroFest

Wayne polled each club for how many people they would expect to sign up for each of the vendor’s packages. The majority of the clubs chose Ski Europe as the top vendor with the clubs projecting 270 participants. Ric, PSC, moved and Peter, PSC, seconded to accept Ski Europe’s bid for the 2005 EuroFest in Meribel, March 4-12, 2005. Ric’s e-mail address is

There were questions from the floor about deviations from the original BRSC contract. Wayne explained that individual clubs may change their contracts with the vendor but doing so may result in a price increase or decrease from the original BRSC contract price. Wayne said that if any of the clubs have problems with their contract or vendor, their first point of contact to resolve the problem is the trip coordinator and that Wayne is the second point of contact.

Wayne asked the Council that if anyone was interested in being either the coordinator for the 2006 Western Carnival to Sun Valley, ID, or the 2006 EuroFest to Val Gardena, Italy, to get their resume to him prior to the spring meeting for presentation to the Council for decision at the May 15th meeting.

Peter, PSC, suggested that the Council decide on two destinations each for the 2007 Western Carnival and the 2007 EuroFest with a final vote by the Council at the spring meeting on one destination each. Steve, PSC, asked about picking two destinations and getting bids on the two destinations in order to possibly get better prices. The Council discussed the issue and concluded that the Council trips were selling well and that the trip participants are looking for quality packages instead of bargain prices. Wayne asked each club to suggest locations for the 2007 Western Carnival and EuroFest. Wayne then polled the Council for their choice of the suggested destinations. Destinations and results of the vote were for Europe: Davos (14), Innsbruck (0), Zerbia (1), Schladming (17), and St. Moritz (5); and for Western Carnival: Park City (7), Steamboat (2), Banff (9) Whistler/Blackcomb (4), Jackson (3), Jasper/Fernie (6/2), Big Sky (7), Panorama (0), Salt Lake (7), Alaska (0). The tie breaker vote for Western Carnival was: Park City (10), Big Sky (14), Salt Lake (1). Destinations chosen for a vote in May for Western Carnival are Banff/Lake Louise and Big Ski; and for EuroFest are Davos and Schladming. Wayne asked the Council to take the results back to their trips committees and be prepared to vote at the spring meeting for their choice.

The Council broke into discussion groups at 2:10 p.m. The Council reconvened at 5:15. Each discussion group moderator briefly reported on the items discussed in their respective group.

Pam, Fagowees, moved and Molly, Crabtowne, seconded that the meeting be adjourned. The meeting was adjourned at 3:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy E. Cruise


Blue Ridge Ski Council 2/4/04