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Minutes of Spring 2001 Meeting

Holiday Inn, Fredericksburg, VA

Saturday, May 5, 2001


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President Wayne Homens called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. and welcomed everyone. Club representatives introduced themselves. Wayne announced that the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club had joined BRSC and said that their membership could offer a great opportunity to include cross-country skiing into the BRSC sanctioning process.

Approval of Minutes.

Approval of Minutes. Jackie Harris moved and John Veen seconded approval of the minutes. All in favor. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report.

Treasurer's Report. Candy Levin reported $1243.82 in the savings account and $4297.00 in the checking account. She said she had paid most of the honoraria and had received letters from BARS and Disabled Sports USA.


Ski show. Fred Zedeck announced that the ski show will be held November 9-11 at the Capitol Expo Center in Chantilly and that there would be a $5.00 entrance fee of which $1.00 will be refunded to organizations by the use of coupons. Booths will be available to BRSC member clubs. Website is:

Ski Safety. No report. Fall meeting item.

Trip Sanctions.  Internet Update.  

 Wayne reported that there are three trip sanctions on the web page and encouraged clubs to submit their sanctions early for next year.

PSIA. Wayne reported he had not heard from PSIA.

Ski Patrol. Wayne reported he had not heard from the Ski Patrol.


Racing. Dave Olsen reported that for the Western Carnival race at Telluride, Baltimore won the participation award and Pentagon took the club competition award. A written report was available.

Mountain Travel Symposium. Wayne reported that he had attended the mountain travel symposium in early April. The symposium offered him the opportunity to meet with many vendors from the ski industry.


2001 Western Carnival, Telluride CO, February 3-10, 2001. Nancy Cruise reported that the Telluride trip went well with 231 participants. A written trip report was available.

Trip Policy Committee. Don Chase handed out copies of the Ski Committee’s recommendations and asked representatives to look them over before discussion later in the meeting.



The two candidates for vice president made short speeches (Rae Ehlen from Fredericksburg and Jackie Owens Harris from Baltimore). Council representatives voted for the vice president position by written ballot. Rae Ehlen was elected vice president. Peter Porton moved and John Veen seconded that Nancy Cruise be elected by acclimation to the position of secretary. All in favor. John Veen moved and Stacy Hickman seconded that Steve Peirce be elected by acclimation to the position of treasurer. All in favor.

Sam Mantis reported that WSI had a successful season and that Columbia Ski Club took first place.

BRSC Bylaws. Peter Porton said that, at the request of the council president, he had reviewed the bylaws. Peter said that he believed the bylaws needed to be cleaned up and some items added/deleted.

2002 trips

2002 Western Carnival, Banff, Canada. Trip coordinator, Peter Porton, gave an update on the trip. He said that 11 clubs were committed. Trip is selling well. Dates: February 2-9, 2002.

2002 Eurofest, Chamonix, France. Trip coordinator, Cathy Homens, gave an update on the trip.


Pete Campbell recommended that each club choose an item or color streamer to identify their club while on BRSC trips and that clubs register their item(s) at the fall meeting. Pete volunteered to be the keeper of the register.


2001-2002 Proposed Budget. Candy Levin presented the proposed budget and explained the line items. Steve Peirce proposed that the council administration line item be raised $300.00. Question from the floor as to why proposed expenses exceeded projected income. Candy explained that a few years ago the council decided that BRSC needed to decrease the amount of money in its treasury for tax purposes and not for profit status. The proposed budget presentation was postponed until after lunch.

Council broke for lunch at 11:40 and reconvened at 12:45.

Harry Gaskin moved: 1. For Eurofest 02, $10.00 per person fee will be added to the price of a trip with a goal of $2. to be returned to BRSC’s treasury and $8. to be used for the people on the trip. For Western Carnival 02, $5. per person fee be added to the trip with a goal of $1. for BRSC and $4. to be used on the trip. 2. In the out years (2003 and beyond) $10. to be added to both trips with a goal of $2. for BRSC and $8. for the trip. 3. A line item for $700. for possible 2002 trip income and a line item of $80. for council expenses for increasing the cash flow reserve be added to the proposed budget. John Veen seconded the motion. Diesel Millman moved that the motion be tabled until the trip committee presentation. Diesel withdrew his motion. Discussion followed on what the $8. of the per person fee should be used for on the trip. Call for the question. Two opposed. Majority for. Motion passed.

Steve Peirce withdrew his recommendation to increase the council administration line item. Ted Dietz moved that the honoraria [BRSC Ski Instruction Support, SARA, PARA] listed below the dollar line on proposed budget be accepted as unfunded requirements. Stacy Hickman seconded. All in favor. Budget closed, accepted and balanced by the council.

2001 Eurofest

2001 Eurofest, Grindelwald, Switzerland, March 9-17, 2001. On behalf of Bill Eskew, Judy Miller gave a wrap-up on Eurofest 2001. Judy said the trip went very well with 208 participants.

Special Contract Committee

Ski Trip Committee. Don Chase and the council discussed and reworked the ski trip committee’s policy recommendations.


The council broke into breakout groups and reconvened.

Pentagon Ski Club volunteered to host the fall meeting on Saturday, September 15 at Ft. Myer, Ft. Myer Dr., Arlington, VA.

Discussion and reworking of the ski trip committee’s recommendations continued. Don Chase stated that the revised ski committee recommendations could not be voted on until the bylaws were revised. Stacy Hickman recommended that a bylaws committee be established. Wayne Homens established a bylaws committee to review the bylaws with the goal to present proposed revisions to the council for the fall meeting. The following representatives volunteered as members on the bylaws committee: Peter Porton (Pentagon), Nancy Cruise (BRSC Secretary/Fagowees), Stacy Hickman (Fagowees), Ted Dietz (Columbia), John La Jeunesse (AF), Glade Flake (PVS), Harry Gaskin (SCWDC).

Wayne and the council thanked Candy Levin, the out-going treasurer, for her many years of outstanding, dedicated service to the council.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy E. Cruise 07/05/01


Blue Ridge Ski Council