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Minutes of Spring BRSC 2007 Meeting


Minutes of Spring 2007 Meeting

Homewood Suites, Linthicum, MD

Saturday, May 19, 2007


BRSC:  Judy Burlbaugh, President & SCWDC; Peter Porton, Vice President & PSC; Steve Peirce, Treasurer & PSC; Nancy Cruise, Secretary & Fagowees; Pentagon Ski Club (PSC):  Dave Olsen; Columbia Ski Club (CSC): Catherine Homens, Gary Prestianni, Ted Dietz, Grant Wagner, Wayne Homens, Tom Stanis, Lisa Jaworski; Fredericksburg Ski Club (FSC):  Wally Morton; Ski Club of Washington DC (SCWDC): Livingston Johnson, Marc Schanfarber, Sue Miller, Frank Peñaranda; Baltimore Ski Club (BSC): Charles Saunders, C. Edward Crawford, Christopher Pukalski, Mike Jones, Sheldon Hyman; Capitol Golden Skiers: Inge Lesjak; Potomac Valley Skiers (PVS): Charles Huggins; Fagowees:  Carl Harlow, Stacy Hickman, Sam Mantis; Mogul Ski Club:  David Sheppard, Jim Miller; Snowsearchers:  Richard Ochs; Richmond Ski Club:  Noble McClellan, Chris Gilman, ? McClellan; Crabtowne Skiers: Molly Hochman, Mike Lemke, Gail Lemke, Nancy Waddington; Harford Ski Club:  Rick Swinder, Steve Andrew; Peninsula Ski Club of VA: Sonny Short; Southern Maryland Ski Club: Sal Aguelles, Pam Aguelles; Vendors:  Judy Miller, GTU; Dan Ellis, WS&S; Effie Rubenstein, Sportours , NJ; Mike Agnew, Vail Resorts; Andre Gupta, Ski Alpine Xperience.  Host Club:  Baltimore Ski Club.


President Judy Burlbaugh called the meeting to order at 8:10 a.m. and welcomed everyone.  The BRSC Executive Committee members and club delegates introduced themselves.  Judy B. said that two clubs have applied for BRSC membership, the Potomac Ski and Adventure Club (PSAC) and the Peninsula Ski Club.  A representative from each club gave the Council a brief rundown on their respective club.  Peter, VP/PSC, moved that the Council accept both clubs into the BRSC.  Wayne, CSC, seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  The motion was approved.

Date and Host of Fall '07 Meeting

Wayne, CSC, moved and Molly, Crabtowne, seconded a motion to hold the fall meeting on October 13.  The Council was in agreement.  The meeting date was later moved to September 29 to accommodate the calendar of the newly appointed 2009 Western Carnival trip coordinator.  Judy B. said that Timberline had invited the Council for an inexpensive weekend.  Judy B. asked the Council whether they’d be interested in having a meeting at Timberline.  Discussion followed, majority disagreed with the idea.  Baltimore agreed to host the fall meeting.


Executive Committee Reports



Wayne, CSC, moved and Frank, PSAC, seconded the motion to approve the minutes as submitted.  All were in favor.  The motion was approved.


Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Steve Peirce presented the Treasurer’s report; $7240.38 in checking account and $8374.67 in CDs.



Elections Chairperson Nancy Cruise presented the slate of candidates for the offices of Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary and solicited nominations from the floor.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Wayne, CSC, moved that the Council accept the three nominees--Peter Porton for Vice President, Steve Peirce for Treasurer, and Kitty Imdahl for Secretary--by acclimation.  Frank, PSAC, seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  The motion was approved.  The Council thanked Nancy Cruise for her years of service as the BRSC Secretary.

Standing Committee Reports

BRSC Racing

Race Coordinator Dave Olsen distributed copies of the race report for Big Sky.  PSC won the participation award and CSC won the team competition award. 


Trip Sanctions and Website

Webmaster Frank Peñaranda reported that in the past year there were 54 winter ski trip sanctions, 2 summer ski trip sanctions and 3 non-ski trips posted on the BRSC website.  Judy B. said she’d like to continue the practice of posting non-ski trips on the web for free.  The Council agreed with her.  Judy B. asked that Steve Peirce, Treasurer; Frank Peñaranda, Webmaster; and she be addressees on e-mail sanction applications.  Judy B. explained the sanctioning process as follows:  after Steve receives the $10. fee and verifies that the club is a member in good standing, he will notify Frank; and after Judy reviews the application, she will notify Frank with approval. Judy B. said she would publish the sanctioning process as discussed along with an explanation of the sanction application on the website.


Trips Committee

Judy B. asked the Council for approval to appoint Kitty Imdahl as the chairman of the Trips Committee.  Ted, CSC, moved and Frank, PSAC, seconded the motion to approve Kitty as trips committee chairman.  All were in favor; the motion was approved.  Volunteers to serve on the committee were:  Wayne, CSC; Ted, CSC; Frank, PSAC; Tom, CSC; Cathy, CSC; and Inge, Capitol Golden Skiers.  Judy B. said that the trips committee will address both Western and European destinations.  Judy B. asked whether the Council should send out bid requests to vendors for two locations for each of the Western and European trips.  Discussion followed.  Steve, Treasurer/PSC, moved that for 2010 and beyond, BRSC send out bid letter requests for two locations for both Western and European trips.  Marc, SCWDC, seconded the motion.  Molly, Crabtowne, requested the motion be tabled until the afternoon session.  Wayne, CSC, seconded the table.  Majority of Council were in favor.  The motion was tabled.

Old Business

2007 Eurofest, Schladming, Austria, March 3-10, 2007

Trip Coordinator Cathy Homens reported that there were 140 participants and the trip was fabulous.


2007 Western Carnival, Big Sky, Montana, February 3-10, 2007

Judy Miller, GTU, on behalf of Trip Coordinator Kitty Imdahl, reported that 9 clubs participated with 387 participants.  The trip was a success.


2008 Western Carnival, Steamboat Springs, CO, February 2-9, 2008

Trip Coordinator Ted Dietz and Effie Rubenstein, Sportours, gave an update on the trip.  There are currently nine clubs signed up.


2008 Eurofest, Grindenwald/Interlaken, Switzerland, February 29-March 8, 2008

Trip Coordinator Nobel McClellen and Judy Miller, GTU, gave an update on the trip.


Selection of 2009 Eurofest and Western Carnival Coordinators

By secret ballot, the Council selected Christopher Pukalski as the 2009 Western Carnival trip coordinator and Kitty Imdahl as the 2009 Eurofest trip coordinator. Tom, CSC, moved that a person accepting a comp’d position for BRSC cannot also be a trip leader for a club on the same trip.  Dave, PSC, seconded the motion.  Ten opposed, majority for.  The motion was approved.  The Council discussed the issue brought up by Peter, VP/PSC, whether clubs who actively participate on Council trips should be awarded more votes over the three allowed when voting on future locations, tour operators, and bid packages.    After some discussion, Peter revised his suggestion to award extra votes when voting only on tour operators. Further discussions and clarification of this concept was held during the discussion of the Tour Operators Selection Process (below). 


Selection of 2009 Eurofest and Western Carnival Vendors

C. Edward, BSC, moved that for the 2009 Western Carnival, bid requests be sent to GTU, Sportours, and Winter Ski and Sport.  Wayne, CSC, seconded the motion.  Sonny, Peninsula Ski Club, moved that the motion be amended to include  Frank, PSAC, seconded the motion.  The motion to amend was defeated by a vote of 9 for and 17 against.  Original motion to send bid requests to GTU, Sportours, and Winter Ski and Sport was approved with all in favor except one opposed.  By majority vote the vendors GTU, Alphorn Tours, and World on Skis were selected to send bid requests to for the 2009 Eurofest.


Sponsor Reports

Mike Agnew, Regional Sales Manager for Vail Resorts, addressed the Council on Heavenly Valley in South Lake Tahoe.  Andre Gupta, Ski Alpine Xperience, addressed the Council on skiing in France.


The Council broke for lunch at 12:30 and reconvened at 1:30 p.m.


Selection of 2010 Eurofest and Western Carnival Destinations

Wayne, CSC, moved that the Council accept Heavenly/South Lake Tahoe as the 2010 Western Carnival destination.  Peter, VP/PSC, seconded the motion. There was a question from the floor concerning the Council’s earlier decision to send bid letters out for two destinations.  Wayne, CSC, moved that the bid letters only go out for Heavenly for 2010.   Cathy, CSC, seconded the motion.  All were in favor, motion approved.  Peter, VP/PSC, moved that the selection of the 2010 Eurofest destination be tabled until the committee comes back with its recommendations.  Frank, PSAC, seconded the motion.  There was a question from floor whether that would allow enough time.  Judy B. said she wanted to get the bid letters out soon.  Peter suggested that Kitty contact the committee and come up with two selections within a month.  Judy B. asked for suggestions to give to the committee.  Areas suggested were Japan, Troi Valles, St. Moritz, and Innsbruck.  Judy said she’d give Kitty about a month.



New Business


Tour Operator Selection Process

Judy B. stated that she would like to see BRSC use a standardized RFP and reporting form for vendor selection.  She gave the RFP created by Bill Schroedel to Trip Coordinator Christopher to use for Western Carnival and said it could be tweaked for Eurofest.  Judy B. suggested that the Council allow the vendors for each trip to bid on the weeks before and after the current weeks previously approved by the Council.  The Council discussed the pros and cons. A suggestion from the floor was to ask for bids for original week and allow vendors to come back with alternatives if they so desire.  The Council agreed to the suggestion to allow alternative weeks in the bids.  Judy B. said that she has a matrix for coordinators to use to present the bids to the Council for approval and said she would e-mail it to the newly selected coordinators.  Wayne, CSC, said that he would assist with posting the forms on the website.

  Peter, VP/PSC, moved that for the final selection of vendors for the final contract all clubs who have participated in the previous three years gets one extra vote for each time they have participated.  Peter restated the motion as, for the final selection of the vendors, all clubs who have participated in either of the two, Western Carnival or Eurofest, get an extra vote for each year they have participated going back three years.  Frank, PSAC, seconded the motion.  During discussion the motion was clarified that if a club has one representative at the meeting and the club participated on the trip for the past three years, the club gets one plus three additional votes for a total of four votes.  The motion was approved with the majority in favor and two opposed.  Peter, VP/PSC, will keep track of trip participating clubs.


C. Edwards, BSC, suggested that because of the aging population not wanting to risk injury by racing, that BRSC either do away with the way clubs are lined up for the race or do away with the participation award.  Race Coordinator Dave addressed the Council on the merits of continuing the participation award.  Dave then addressed the issue of the way clubs are assigned a racing order.  He said that the current procedure eliminates people waiting in line for hours to race.  No action was taken on C. Edwards’ suggestion.


Wayne, CSC, moved and ? seconded the motion to approve Dave Olsen as race coordinator for the 2009 Western Carnival.  All were in favor, the motion was approved.


Peter, VP/PSC, moved that BRSC subsidize up to $500.00 to send the BRSC President or his/her designated representative to the annual National Ski Council Federation meeting.  Wayne, CSC, seconded the motion.  All were in favor, the motion was approved.


Judy B. asked for new business from the floor.  C. Edwards, BSC, asked about a BRSC directory.  Peter, VP/PSC, said he would update his e-mail directory and send it out to the clubs.  Judy B. asked whether the Council would be interested in a summer activity.  One suggestion was a picnic.  Judy B. said she’d work on getting a BRSC delegate picnic/activity together.


The Council broke into breakout sessions.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy E. Cruise


Blue Ridge Ski Council

Date:  August 2, 2007