Sanctioned Trips

The Blue Ridge Ski Council sanctions, upon request, certain ski trips (and some non-ski trips) which member clubs have opened to participants from all other member clubs. This helps clubs fill up a trip with members from other clubs. The other clubs benefit because their members may enjoy a trip that may not be on their schedule that season.

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BRSC Sponsored Trips: The BRSC also organizes three major ski trips each year: a domestic Western Carnival and an internationa Eueofest orl Asiafest, plus a Winterfest trip to the Northeastern US. Participating member clubs have their respective trips automatically sanctioned.

The BRSC Sponsored Trips for 2020

Western Carnival: Snowmass, Colorado      Valerie Chafee (Richmond)

Asiafest:  Nagano-Hakuba, Japan       Ken Eng  (SCWDC)

Winterfest: Killington, Vermont   Dave Karczmarek (Baltimore)

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