Sanctioned Trips

The Blue Ridge Ski Council sanctions, upon request, certain ski trips (and some non-ski trips) which member clubs have opened to participants from all other member clubs. This helps clubs fill up a trip with members from other clubs. The other clubs benefit because their members may enjoy a trip that may not be on their schedule that season.

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BRSC Sponsored Trips: The BRSC also organizes two major ski trips each year: a domestic Western Carnival and an international Eurofest. Participating member clubs have their respective trips automatically sanctioned. As appropriate, the Council may also offer an Eastern Carnival.

The BRSC Sponsored Trips for 2019

Western Carnival: Sun Valley, Idaho      Susie Pumphrey (Pentagon)

Eurofest: Val di Fassa, Italy  Steve Peirce  (Pentagon)

Winterfest: Sunday River, Maine   Dave Karczmarek (Baltimore)

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