Meeting Details

2018 Fall Meeting

The Meeting was held Saturday October 6th, 2018 at the Whitetail Resort,  Mercersburg, PA

Host:  Columbia Ski Club
Ted Dietz, Coordinator 

On the Agenda:
  • Selection of tour operators for our 2020 & 2021 ski trips
  • Updates on the 2019 ski trips
A total of 37 delegates from 18 clubs, plus six ski industry professionals gathered at the White Tail Resort. Details on the attendance and meeting’s proceedings have been included on our Deaft Minutes, which are posted on this page. Some of the major discussions and decisions were:
Spring 2019 Meeting: May 4th at Maggiano’s. Frank Penaranda, Coordinator
  • 2020- West Carnival Jan 25-Feb 1 – Snowmass: Doug Horstman, Encompass, TO; Valerie Chafee (Richmond) Coordinator
  • 2020 – Asiafest Feb 21-29 – Nagano-Hakuba: Sean McErlean, Holidaze, TO; Ken Eng (SCWDC) Coordinator
  • 2020 – Winterfest March 8-13 – Killington: Joe Ferrara, Bianchi, TO; Dave Karczmarek (Baltimore) Coordinator
  • 2021 – Western Carnival – Telluride, TOs: Encompass; Sportours; Winter Ski & Sport
  • 2021 – Eurofest – Saint Anton, TOs: Holidaze;

2019 Club Officers Elections: Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary up for election.
Frank Peñaranda was selected to chair the Elections Committee. Please contact him with proposed nominees

Draft Fall 2018 Minutes

Approved Spring Minutes


2018 Spring Meeting

Maggiano’s Tysons Corner, VA
Saturday May 5th, 2018 at 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Host:  Potomac Ski & Adventure Club

Frank Peñaranda, Coordinator ( )

A total of 53 participants attended our Spring Meeting, including 49 delegates from 17 clubs, plus six ski industry professionals. Details on the attendance and meeting’s proceedings will be included on our Minutes, which will be posted on this page by the end of May. Some of the major discussions and decisions were:
  • Fall 2018 Meeting: White Tail, PA. Columbia will host
  • Steve Peirce was elected President for the 2018-1020 term
  • Updates to our 2019 planned ski trips:


  • 2020 Ski Trip Selections:

Western Carnival: Snowmass, CO; Valerie Chafee (Richmond) Coord.; TO to be selected in Fall

Eurofest: To be named “Asiafest” for 2020 with Japan as the destination. Ken Eng (SCWDC) Coordinator

Winterfest: Killington, VT; Dave Karczmareck (Baltimore) Coordinator. Joe Ferrara, Banchi, the T.O.

  • 2021 Ski Destinations Selections:

Western Carnival: Telluride, CO

Eurofest: Saint Anton, Austia



2017 Fall Meeting

Maggiano’s Tysons Corner, VA
Saturday September 30, 2017 at 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Host:  Club Crabtowne

Peter Porton, Vice-President, chaired the meeting in Bill Schrodel’s absence.
 Key Discussions & Decisions:
  • 2019 Western Carnival: Place – Sun Valley, ID; TO – Sportours
  • 2019 Eurofest: Place – Val di Fassa, Italy; TO – Sports America Tours
  • 2019 Winterfest: Place – Sunday River, ME; TO – Banchi Outdoors Adv.

Draft Fall Mtg Minutes

Approved Spring Mtg Minutes


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